February 24: Updates from the day of the General Strike

(Corporate media in the country are transmitting no news, as their staff are participating in the strike. News is only coming in from Athens IMC, international media outlets and of course, from the streets. All updates are in the local greek time, GMT+2)

17.45 The administration building of the University of Thessaloniki has been occupied in response to the earlier invasion and violation of the academic asylum by police.

15.18 Anarchists who attempted to march en mass to Amerikis square in Athens for the anti-racist anti-fascist gathering there have been blocked off by riot cops. The head of the unit told them “all gatherings” have been banned at the square. There are no fascists to be seen, apparently. The anarchists are now headed to the nearby autonomously run park of Patision and Kyprou streets.

14.35 In Athens, the main demonstration for the general strike seems to have had a good turn-out. Corporate media report 20-30,000. The anarchist blocks are strong; selected smashing of banks has been reported, along with the looting of a corporate bookshop (books were distributed en mass to demonstrators and passers-by). There is at least one confirmed arrest of a girl during the demonstration (not detention); she will appear at the prosecutor general tomorrow.

13.56 In Thessaloniki, cops have violated the academic asylum. At least two riot police units and 15 delta cops have entered the university premises (see photo below) apparently in response to demonstrators from today’s general strike attempting to tear down the security barriers installed by the university at the campus entrance.

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