Course in Byron and 11 arrests of demonstrators


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The 11 arrests came from the way in which Byron called SYRIZA, KKE-ΜΛ, ANTARSYA, and Anarchists-antitheratorians Initiative from the foothills of Hymettus at different concentrations, in response to the killing of L. Todd and against state terrorism.

. With two demos Square St. Lazarus and Tapitourgeio, the blocks were joined and directed at the killing of Nicola Toddi in Zood. Πηγή. Source. The course went through the police station and went to Ch. Smyrna to the square Deliolanis.

On the way smash down one of the offices of PASOK.

In and around the Town Hall part of the protesters left, the remaining part, consisting mainly of anarchists and anti-authoritarians continued to the square Deliolanis.

Smashdown!another office of PASOK and three ATMs. Subsequent attack by repressive forces (MAT group and Delta) in the main body of the demonstration at the height of the square Deliolanis. The block solution and fights and beatings, chemical, manhunt by park Pangratiou and E Iliou and remitting.

There were 18 adductor of which 11 turned into arrests. Cops say that the incidents were small size, and were attacked with stones, sticks and Molotov cocktail against the repressive forces and that there were 11 injuries from police attacks on protesters and damaged two of the group 7 Delta.

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