Attack on Bristol police claimed by anarchists (uk)


Early this morning /9/8  we set fire to a riot van at Bishopston police station.

We rejoice the uprising of many State-brutalised, marginalised youths as they establish a new relationship to their surroundings, and whatever other insurgents who have chosen revolt across England.

To all the disgusted ‘citizens’ who can only see the daily class violence, inherent in this society, when the tables are turned – what did you expect?

We see a new decade of urban war forged anew by various shades of social combatants – within that our role as revolutionaries and anarchists being to constantly push forward our trajectory and ideas, spread destructive attacks to new areas and levels of engagement, find accomplices through the clashes (where and when our desires correlate), and maintain and expand an international informal network of comrades.

Making this action, in our minds was everyone killed by the cops, arrested in the rioting, the anti-fascists imprisoned in this country.

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