Gabriel Pombo da Silva: ‘There is nothing to reform


Gabriel Pombo da Silva: ‘There is nothing to reform’

Posted on August 8, 2011

words from Gabriel Pombo da Silvia via culmine, translated by war on society:

I am not so naive as to believe that what I am living here is something exceptional… and since “the prisoners” are not born here but come from a very concrete social context I do not look for the directly responsible “only” among the salaried jailers and the jailing administration which, in the end, reproduce on a microcosmic scale the politics and the ignobilities of the System and its “Society”… There is nothing to reform; everything must be demolished down to the foundations…

They are mistaken who believe (or imagine) that my radicality comes from the indigestion of “utopias” and various “theories”… actually, in the end and from the beginning I owe “my radicality” to the System and its miserable Society… or, if someone wants to look for the “theorists” responsible for my radicality, they can start in the offices of Department of Corrections and leave in peace the poets of the dynamite… :)


For me, I have never been left indifferent to the beggars who fill the metropolis, those who, brutalized by a whole life of wage slavery end their days taking refuge in programmed leisure activities, alcohol and/or drugs… or those who, in order to survive, sell their bodies to satisfy the pleasure of those who can buy bodies as if they were commodities… but it has not been all this legion of miserable and exploited who have filled me with the strength, inspiration and dignity necessary to combat the system that generates all this… for that my brothers in struggle are responsible: some were “bandits” and others were revolutionaries… that is the fundamental difference between the majority of “anarchists” and me… I do not need “excuses” and revolutionary “subjects” in order to confront the System… I hate the System because it taught me to hate it… and in this path of frontal war against the System I am learning who are my accomplices and who are my enemies, beyond “isms” and “conceptualizations”…

Aachen, July 2011

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