Axion Esti ‘’It Is Truly Right the kids called bugger (athens-greece)


Axion Esti’It Is Truly Right the kids called buggers’’

According to the article published on Wednesday 27/07/11 in Eleutherotupia Newspaper, during the Appellate Court of Offence that auditions the ‘’car’’ accident just before the Olympic Games in 2004, M. Dimitrakopoulos, Kenteri’s advocate, addressing to the witness Philippos Surigos, said ‘’…and there are judges that people talking about, because they condemned the buggers of CCF (Conspiracy of Cells of Fire) and you fight for them, because they are good kids’’.

We, the parents of the sentenced persons in CCF trial, we state that we do not allow no one called Mr. Dimitrakopoulos, to name our kids with such characteristic terms. Not only because they are our children, not only because they have been sentenced arbitrarily, revengefully and with no evidence to 130 years imprisonment, not only because this trial along with the verdict is a black dot in the history of law proceedings and it even caused the reaction of the democratically thinking people (e.g. lawyer’s press conference on 27/07/11 in front of a large audience) but also mainly because these kids are characterized by the highest sense of responsibility, honesty, solidarity and sincerity something that they are confirming in and out of the court room.

The dignity of these children who have defended proudly with words their ideas, their political action and their friendship is something totally unknown, incomprehensive and perhaps frightening for Mr. Dimitrakopoulo’s milieu.

the parents of sentenced ones in CCF trial


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