Chile: Update on the health of comrade Luciano Tortuga


Chile: Update on the health of comrade Luciano Tortuga

from vivalaanarquia, translated by war on society:

As we published a few days ago, comrade Luciano was released last weekend, now it remains to be seen how the (in)justice goes because they wanted to charge him in the same building of the trials of $hilean (in)justice. We will update as needed on the case and we send much strength to the comrade as he faces the decision on the next legal accusations, wishing him always the best. This done to turn inside out to transcend the $hilean mass means of alienation, who showed the worst images of the comrade on the day of the explosion.

Arde Moyano Records collaboration:

Arde Moyano Records Arde Moyano Records

The following notice is a combination adapted from “Information about the state of health of Tortu (Luciano Pitronello)”, written by Lola and appearing in the anarchist periodical El Surco #28, and of a notice appearing on the Viva La Anarquia website. We mix, adapt, and translate them.

Notice in El Surco; Notice on Viva La Anarquía (links in spanish)

Two months since a bomb exploded in his hands. Two months of scant information dealing with his daily life in that clinic and about his state of health. Nevertheless, and in spite of the difficulty to inform ourselves, some lines have been published.

Luciano is still in the INDISA Clinic. He has two hours daily dedicated to rehabilitation, in which he exercises his legs by walking. He has “shower therapy,” that is, as the name indicates, therapy with water by showering, this serves to facilitate the process of sanitation of his wounds and skin grafts (grafts obtained from parts of his stomach, back and arm). His right hand was completed amputated and on his left hand there remain two intact fingers (index and pinky). In the process of rehabilitation of his hand he works with a professional therapist who is responsible for healing his scars with machines and massages that will permit him greater mobility of the hand, in addition to he constantly exercises on his own.

Using his creativity (a fundamental factor for him) day by day Luciano managed to relearn tasks as everyday as brushing his teeth. He is taking medication to alleviate the pain that he feels in the place where his hand used to be. This pain due to “phantom limb syndrome.” This syndrome consists of maintaining different sensations, such as pain, although his hand no longer exists, due to the brain continuing to send nerve impulses as if he had it. Due to the intense and distressing hallucinations when he woke, he underwent a psychiatric treatment to stop this horrible episodes.

Currently he cannot see through one of his eyes (presumably due to a splinter) and through the other he makes out macro forms (he can make out parts of the body, for example, differentiate the face from the hair, but he sees eyes as dark spots) also they grafted skin on his eyelids. According to a recent eye exam, both corneas contain black powder, but are complete, so there is a possibility of undergoing various surgeries to solve the loss of vision, up to a final surgery in which a corneal transplant would be made, which would allow considerable improvement in his vision (this would be done in the coming months).

His ears also suffered consequences due to the sound of the blast, his ear drums have recovered naturally, maintaining a very slight deafness.

Emotionally, Tortu finds himself managing his emotions by means of living day to day intending to not raise expectations, to have clarity about the situation that has affected him and the uncertain situation which he is in. He feels very strong, positive in the face of life, he wants to recover and he will. Ideally he would like to be able to live in a fixed place where he can share his life together with his partner and their daughter, to his his friends and those who support him.

A warrior knows to overcome any obstacle and that is his goal.

As far as his judicial situation, according to reports from the conventional media at the service of Power, last Wednesday (August 10th) a group of the Laboratory of the Department of Crime of Carabineros of Chile (LABOCAR) extracted DNA samples from a finger of Tortuga’s left hand for testing, this after the comrade voluntarily accepted to undergo this tests.

Luciano would be released this week (August 15-21), but due to problems with the special dressing that is used to cover the burns on his body, they will not allow it. The burns cover 32% of his body.

The southern regional prosecutor, Raúl Guzmán, who is pursuing the case against Luciano, confirmed that, due to his improved health status, Luciano’s court proceeding will be in the self-named “Center of Justice of Santiago.”


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