Text by the political prisoner A.Kossyvas concerning further prosecution against him-athens-greece


Text by the political prisoner A.Kossyvas concerning
further prosecution against him


August 12th, 2011

Experiencing a pre-trial detention for eleven months now — which is inconsistent even in the ‘reasonable’ framework of the bourgeois justice — and with the trial set for October 18th, 2011, based on a flimsy indictment ready to collapse, the police authorities amid summer indolence presented a sworn statement report by a false witness–neocollaborationist which is dated 24/9-2010 (the exact day that comrade Michalis Traikapis and I traversed the threshold of Koridallos judicial prisons accused of robbing the National Bank of Greece in Psachna, Evia, on 17/9-2010) and indicates me as a suspect for the robbery of the National Bank in Schimatari, Viotia, on Monday, March 29th, 2010 (before Easter).

Following of course ex officio prosecution, the inquisitor of Thebes sent summon which incidentally was not delivered in Koridallos prisons where I’m temporarily detained but was discovered accidentally by a neighbour at my former residence address. I had to appear before him at the district court of Thebes in order to receive time limit, to discover stunned that my co-defendant also in this case is Maria Economou: although her permanent residence is known, and she appears monthly in her region’s police station bound by restrictive bail conditions, she neither received, nor of course was sent a summon from the police —that in last period conceals summons with the intention of creating confusion, false impressions and issuing arrest warrants.

The timing is no coincidence; neither the fact that the false testimony which connects us to the robbery was kept in the State Security’s drawers for almost one year, nor that it was drafted by the very same cops who set up the story of Psachna last September, following the proven recipe of contradictory witnesses who declare whatever secret police agents dictate.

It is irrelevant whether the evidence which associate us also with the robbery in Schimatari are fabricated, and the second testimony of the local collaborator of the police on 24/9-2010 is diametrically opposite than the first one, on 30/3-2010, and grossly false and hilarious. The command is given.

Our new prosecution is the policy planning–political decision of a social-fascist government and the upper echelons of the ministries of Citizen Protection and Justice, as well as of the Police Headquarters. It is a planning by a state apparatus that has gone on blatant offensive and repression.

Such a persecution is among dozens of others against struggling people, anarchists and imprisoned fighters. It is part of the special courts-martial that were and are due to be held, part of crushing sentences that these courts impose. Their aim is political and social annihilation. So let’s counterattack.

Solidarity with political prisoners means the intensification of dissidents’ radical struggle.


Friendly and comradely,
Alexandros Kossyvas
Koridallos prisons, 1st wing

Greek original

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