Chile: Protests and clashes against Piñera’s visit to Chillán Viejo



from, translated by war on society:

At around 10am on Saturday several manifestations were called for against the visit of the chief and head of the State, Piñera, who came to commemorate the birth of the first dictator of $hile (as fatherland*), Bernardo O’Higgins, in the town of Chillán Viejo, where those attending the protests, from social movements such as Andha Chile to students, who were brutally repressed by the forces of order, made themselves known by throwing stones, paint bombs and confrontations between these forces of repression and demonstrators; there were 35 arrested, of whom 18 were minors, including a 10 year old boy.

The repression reached historical levels for such a small community, compared with events on the same date in the Pinochet dictatorship, against the violence of Capital and of the State, we manifest our powerful self-defense (which the bourgeois media and the new cops–pacifists–call “violence”), there will be no peace while there is domination, while there are presidents, while there is an authority and a power, understanding it as the root of all social problems, whether of students, of workers or of housing debtors (all positions handed out by the system).

It is worth mentioning that manifestations against Piñera take place in most (but not all) of the places where he goes.

* translation note: ‘patria’, which we translate as ‘fatherland,’ might instead refer to the paternal relationship between Piñera and O’Higgins; it is unclear exactly what the author intended.

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