Announcement of Dec.23



During the course of the assembly of the occupied Polytechnic concerning the completion of the operation of the occupation, with criteria regarding the struggle and ways of its continuation, a new element was added: The demand of the Ministry of the Interior and the police, which was conveyed to us by numerous political and academic factors, that we withdraw immediately, or else the police will invade.

Based on this new element, the reply of those who remain is that the Polytechnic does not belong to ministry and the police, the murderers of Alexandros Grigoropoulos and so many others, for us to give it up to them.

The Polytechnic belongs to those who struggle and we will withdraw from it when we decide, not with blackmails and deadlines, but exclusively with criteria of the movement, criteria of the social struggle.


-We call to the gathering of solidarity to the prisoners of the rebellion,

Dec. 24th at 4:00pm at Monastiraki,

which is called by the comrades who participated in the open event of Sunday Dec.21 within the occupied headquarters of the workers union, concerning the organization of solidarity to the arrested.

-Meeting point: 3:00pm Polytechnic, gate of Stournari.

-We call to assembly at the occupied Polytechnic, Wednesday Dec.24, 8:00pm.

Occupation of the Polytechnic University in Athens

Dec.23, 2008

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