Barricades put on fire, a bank and the cops attacked Hamburg, the 20th of August 2011(germany)


Barricades put on fire, a bank and the cops attacked

Hamburg, the 20th of August 2011


After a peaceful Schanzenfest (note: an illegal, self-organized neighborhood festivity taking place since more than 20 years) there have been again confrontations during the night to Sunday.
Two cops got slightly injured and 30 rioters have been arrested.

Around 10,30pm some youths exploded fireworks and set some trash alight in front of the left-alternative project „Rote Flora“.
Some passer-byers tried to extinguish it, but others kept on throwing stuff in so to make the flames growing.
Shortly after wards several masked-up rioters tried to smash the windows of a bank in the Schulterblatt with the use of hammers and a battering ram, they also set the entrance on fire.

Until this point the police kept a low profile, as they finally move on they have been welcomed with bottles, stones and fireworks.
Some water-canons got used to extinguish the fires and push people away, since up to this point there has been a few thousands on the streets.
Until the early hours there have been constantly some skirmishes between the rioters and the police.
Four police cars got smashed, a car got arsoned.

The district had been declared „danger-zone“ between 11pm and 5am, meaning that a lot of controls had been undertaken by the police without the necessity of a suspicion for having committed a crime and several district-bans have been given out to people.

The police has been supported by other regional units coming from Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Niedersachsen.
The operation costed about 750.000€.

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