FREEDOM TO STELLA ANTONIOY-Initiative from Aperathos (Naxos Island, Greece)



We, fellows of Stella Antoniou in Aperathos and all over Naxos Island as well as her friends in Athens, we protest against her continuous provisional detention with no serious incriminating evidences.

Stella Antoniou is detained since 04.12.2010 in Koridallos Prison with heavy charges according the terror-law. From the moment of her transfer up until today, there were dozens of investigation acts (evaluations, fingerprints and DNA tests, witnessesʼ testimonies) without accruing anything aggravating against her.

In fact, the State avenges Stella Antoniou on her ideas and her participation in the anarchist movement.

We find it unacceptable a 26 years old girl to be detained for so many months with the only evidence a fake identity card with which she wanted to help a comrade of hers.

We demand her immediate release until trial and the process of a fair hearing, which will be based on factual supporting evidences and not on the game of the impressions or on the demonstration of the nominal power of the state against all those who resist.

Initiative from Aperathos (Naxos Island, Greece)

” kim”actforfreedomnow!

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