Arson in Athens 12/9/11- Arson attack in Exarhia,(11/9) ( Athens-greece)


Arson attacks on clothes stores in Athens
Homemade incendiary devices, consisting off camping-gass cannisters, exploded at 05:30am outside the entrance of Marks&Spencer in Psihiko area and outside the entrance of a Benetton shop on Stratigi street in Athens

Arson attack on riotcop van in Exarhia, Athens.
A group of people attacked a riotcop van with stones and molotov at 20:50 in the evening of Sunday (11/9) that was parked on Bouboulinas street, in Exarhia. It took 15 fire fighters with 5 vehicles to put out the fire, which spread and caused minor damage to the exterior wall of the Ministry of Culture.

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