Boston solidarity action with Greece Boston solidarity action with Greece


Anarchist MovementOn Saturday morning, December 20th, we gathered downtown Boston for a solidarity march with Greece. After the police, who were stationed a block away, figured out where we were, they came over and made a semi-circle surrounding us as we awaited people’s arrival. At this point some people were passing out flyers, others just waiting, one planting a red and black flag on top of a huge snow pile, and two people standing with receptive tourists for a photo (who then proceeded to pose with two cops).

Despite being buried under roughly a foot of snow, the event was well attended by the North East Anarchist Network and other anarchists in the area (roughly 20 people). Like other cities we had signs commenting on police brutality in Greece and around the country -including Boston- as well as anarchist flags, black masks, and tons of flyers about Greece and what anarchists are up to in Boston.

Unlike other cities, however, we held a “tour of structural violence” where we marched to different sites and used a megaphone to explain their role in the violent power structure. Stopping at the police station, Bank of America, Fox News, the Capitol building, military recruitment center, a college, and passing the courthouse and federal building, we engaged passerbys and even one receptive cop about how these institutions are tools of oppression for the rich.

We ended at the edge of the Boston Common. The entire time we were flanked by officers on foot, a police wagon and another cop car that circled the block, and at least one undercover car.

Comrades, please add to this reportback- I just wrote it up quickly so people had a rough idea of what we were up to. Also, there is a previous infoshop post about rad actions in Boston in solidarity with Greece so check those out

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