Angry neighbours set Baradero City Hall on fire


Sunday, 21 March 2010 argentina

motoPolice sources reported that “Two teenagers were killed in the city of Baradero when the motorcycle in which were riding was hit by a municipal transit mobile persecuted by an alleged traffic violation.

As news of the deaths of young, Giuliana and Miguel, neighbors and friends of the deceased gathered outside the City of Baradero and threw stones, but after 11 the situation facing the city hall was under control.

The protest caused extensive damage in the municipal building and had to work two fire crews to extinguish the fires started by the residents.

The Buenos Aires police sent reinforcements to the city to contain the tense situation that caused the death of the young.

Juan Carlos Paggi, head of the force said: “The priority is to bring some calm to Baradero” and that “belong to different troops of Buenos Aires and mostly come from surrounding districts to Baradero.

The mothers of Giuliana, and Miguel, the two teenagers killed 16 years, noted that “the boys was very good friends” and called for “clarifying the circumstances of the act which resulted in a violent protest.”

In statements to television Roxana, Giuliana’s mother said “The boys were two very good people. They went together to school and (Michael) always took her to my house. They had a very good relationship.”

And that “All I want is them to pay, if one is to blame them to pay, because they destroyed the whole family.” Giuliana was everything to me, was the love of my life. They broke my heart, “and” What All I want is justice. Nothing else. ”

These statements were made while he was waiting for since the hospital will release the body of his daughter.

Margaret, the mother of Michael, who was also at the scene said that “Michael was a great kid, studious, well. It was excellent. And all the kids who are here (the hospital) are the two “and that” people who were (in the streets of the city) show what were the kids. ”

Also on the incident said “there are many versions,” but that “the two boys were left lying after the accident.”

It confirmed that “there were always problems with the subject of boys, bikes and helmets.

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