Conspiracy of Cells of Fire claims responsibility for 3 bomb attacks Monday, March 22, 2010


The urban guerrilla group “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Guerrilla Group of Terrorists” claimed the responsibility for the bomb that destroyed completely the central offices of the fascist, para-government organization Chrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn), for the bomb that was placed outside the Police Directorship for Immigrants in Petrou Ralli street, and for the bomb that hit the house of the vice-president of the Greek-Pakistani Union. They claimed the actions through a communique, entitled “Dilemmas in time of war”, and is published in Athens IMC. (

The communique is quite long and has historical facts and their point of view about the issue of the immigrants and the reaction of the native population since 1990 and until the recent law about nationality. They also present some facts about the fascist organization Chrisi Avgi and show (as many people already know) that it is actually a group controlled by the police and the secret services. The text ends with two announcements, the first talks about the upgrade of the repression, the arrests that happen in relation to their organization, and their view about a new strategy that the urban guerrilla groups should follow. The second announcement is about Lambros Foundas, in honor of whom they chose to name for this action the cell that realized the bombings as “Commando Lambros Foundas”.

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