Update on ongoing anarchist/antiauthoritarian legal cases in Chile Posted on November 22, 2011 by This Is Our Job


From Hommodolars Contrainformación (November 20, 2011):

The Chilean state is intensifying the various repressive measures it uses against antiauthoritarian comrades and distinct expressions of struggle. Several judicial processes are now beginning, and its worth paying close attention to them while showing active solidarity with all comrade prisoners and defendants.

Cristobal Franke and Gonzalo Zapata: End of Investigation Period

Comrade Cristobal “Mono” Franke was arrested for the beating of a police officer at the municipal cemetery during the September 11 protests against the military dictatorship and its democratic continuation.

The court ordered a 70-day “investigation” period, imprisoning Franke in the maximum-security wing of High-Security Prison. The case’s investigation period ends in late November, at which time the prosecution and plaintiffs can either request an extension or bring the investigation to a close and initiate proceedings for a trial. The trend in these cases is to extend and prolong preventive detention to ridiculous extremes, using it as blackmail when the time comes to gather testimony.

Gonzalo Zapata’s situation (he faces the same charges as Franke) is similar, although it is unclear whether his investigation period is the same or whether it will end a few days later, as he was arrested a short while after Franke.

Updates on this case can be found here.

Luciano Pitronello: Formalization of Charges

Comrade Luciano “Tortuga” Pitronello was seriously injured by the explosion of a bomb he was attempting to leave at a bank branch. After months of hospitalization and rehabilitation, he has begun to recover some of his health and functioning. Pitronello is currently at home, guarded by police.

On November 22, the prosecution will formalize the charges against Pitronello. The specific crimes and laws involved are still unknown, but the hearing will determine the length of the investigation period and the accompanying penalty (preventive detention, house arrest, signing in at a police station, etc.)

Bombings Case: Trial

November 28 marks the beginning of the trial of the five comrades (Omar Hermosilla, Carlos Riveros, Felipe Guerra, Francisco Solar, and Mónica Caballero) charged with financing terrorism and placing explosive devices, all in the context of the antiterrorist law and its glaring judicial defects.

The political trial is expected to last about a month-and-a-half. The prosecutor is requesting sentences ranging from 3 to 15 years in prison for our comrades.

Updates on this case can be found here.

Security Case: End of Investigation Period

On October 18, 2007, a Security Bank in downtown Santiago was held up. The robbers’ withdrawal led to a confrontation during which a police officer was shot and killed. The following widespread media and police operation singled out four people as the direct participants in the robbery.

After a lengthy manhunt, Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, and Juan Aliste Vega were arrested at different times in Argentina. They are currently locked up in High-Security Prison without any trial date scheduled, despite years of investigation and the shift from military to civilian law as the determinant in their case.

The maximum period for investigation in a formalized proceeding is two years, the end of which period will be on December 26. After that date, a trial will have to be scheduled so that oral arguments can be prepared.

Updates on this case can be found here.

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