Greece -Text from the 1st wing of Koridallos prisons


Incarceration is a permanent torture

We live in sordid conditions, one on top of the other, in dirty spaces, we washed ourselves with freezing water. We eat half portions of boiled watery food. We do not have sufficient medico-pharmaceutical care. We face a sadist justice, that imposes on us exhaustive sentences…

And it does not stop here.

On 14/11/2011 our fellow prisoners Junan Leith and Elias Rivon who had been transferred to the court of appeals on Loukareos, after an argument with the pigs of the EL.AS (Greek police), get brutally beaten and are transferred to the “immigration” department where they get beaten again while in handcuffs. They returned to the prison with broken limbs and ribs and beating marks all over their bodies.

On 17/11/11 fellow prisoner and anarchist Rami Syrianos is in isolation at Diavata prisons because of his refusal to suffer the humiliating body search with the stripping of the prisoner. Because however there was a solidarity gathering outside the prison, the service fearing the worst, made a surprise transfer to Nigrita Serres.

There, on 19/11/11 and after he again denied this “sick” tricks of the prison service, the sergeant with 2 guards invades the isolation cell and after they immobilise him, they stripped him with force.

At the same time our fellow prisoner and member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Giorgos Polydoros who has been imprisoned for 8 months now, has already been transferred to 5 different prisons and he has spent a long period of time in the isolation cells because of his refusal to accept the humiliation of body search and this moment is again in isolation in Halkida prisons.

Finally on 6/11 were transferred from the detention cells of Amygdalezas, 7 under aged 17-20 year old immigrants, 4 to Attico and the other 3 to the Thriasio hospital with severe burns and are still hospitalized, after a fire that broke out in their cell. The ministry was limited to a frugal statement that they set the fire themselves.

The if the building has fire safety and generally specifications in order to keep people and what the police officers on shift did for the incident is fine lining.

We cannot speak of individual incidents anymore. We experience daily bodily and psychological tortures, in the departments, at the services of EL.AS, in the prisons, in the camps of “illegal immigrants”.

We carry out this protest in order to declare that we are united against their savagery, in order to inform the “outside the walls” for all that happens everyday in the cells and the booths they have us locked in.


(60 individuals of the 1st wing of Koridallos remained outside their cells and delivered the above text to the sergeant of the prison)


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