And a rejection of the solidarity statement of the ANS*² (Autonomous National Socialists) they spoke out towards this uprising. Solidarity statement


Hereby we declare our solidarity with the anti-authoritarian uprising currently is taking place in the nowadays Greece. The uprising unleashed itself after the murder of the 15 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos by a police officer in Athens. He died after being shot thrice by a policeman. It is unacceptable that this could have happened. The state and her violence monopoly shows what they are capable of.

People who want to form their lives according to their own decided values and who are prepared to defend them, in word as well as physical, have to suffer from some simple bullets from a gun. The state and her servants are just like us all simple people. This fact – them being simply people like you and me – says that they aren’t more capable of wielding the responsibility of power and the violence that leads from this. Especially not when in this they are supported by a juridical system that punishes anyone who harms a ‘servant of the state’ with unprecedented consequences, while this same servant the other way around has nothing to fear for the actions he or she did (unless there is a situation like the one now, where the state tries to keep a good public opinion about itself).
The dissatisfaction that leads to the resistance and violence on the street comes from deeper then the frustration from the violence monopoly of the state (leading to excess like the murder of Grigoropoulos). There are, not only in Greece, developments going on of corrosion of social functions within society. The alienation from each other, the individualization, is a result of the pressure to perform as ‘efficient’ as possible at school and work floor. The costs for being able to study are rocketing sky-high and while jobs pay less and less. This while the price of houses and renting rises. This pressure makes people to get isolated, only aiming for the individual objectives like gaining enough study points and being able to pay the bulls. Having no time anymore to really talk with each other, and only hasty resting from the day that passed to start all over again with the cycle next dawn. Insecurity or people will keep their jobs or that the company where they work might leave to another country while it is still making profit at the current place. The general strikes in Greece show that this dissatisfaction is to be found in all the layers of society, and not just for students. They however, with the occupations of universities, governmental buildings etc, are giving a strong and militant signal to the state and society. ‘We have had it with this! Things have to change!’

This said, we hereby declare our solidarity with the resistance that’s brought to the powerstructures of state and capital. Together we will build a strong and jointly alternative for this cold and empty capitalist society that currently is ruling.
Join the struggle on the streets! Meet each other and talk about the subjects that really matter, about how we will prevail! Build together on a new and better world!

Rejection of the solidarity statement of the ANS*²

The solidarity of the ANS (Autonome Nationaal Socialistsen) and the political and social ideals of theirs are the opposite of the ones from Anarchism and is undesired. The ANS is a contra-revolutionary group compared to Anarchism. The character of Anarchism is that it will never be able to be unified with the authoritarian ranking politics of national-socialism.

One might think that there are similarities in the social politics of both Anarchism and national-socialism, but these similarities are only to be found in the social corner of the national-socialist ideal. Every type of state has this kind of care for her servants and should then have similarity with Anarchism. This similarity is present, but only on those few topics. Anarchism has substantive a lot a lot more to offer. Especially because she does not know any servants, only participants.

The solidarity statement of the ANS as is looks now, is only about the fact that they are impressed by the tremendous force that can be released from anger and in the fact that they see people fight for their ideals. Something that they would like to do themselves as well. The thing that they tend to forget is that we fight for a completely different ideal then what the ANS themselves believe in. This is best seen in the fact that they themselves attack and threaten people with similar ideals as the people that are currently uprising in Greece. The comparison of the SA (Sturm Abteilung) they like to make with themselves, and they so called ‘revolutionary changes’ they brought point this out even more. The SA were, in the years before the ‘night of the long daggers’ an enormous suppressive force. The SA-top might have been murdered and been replaced by one who were loyal to Hitler and his politics but in the end this won’t change the behavior the SA has shown on the streets or the politics they conducted.

If there is being talked about the ‘revolutionary force’ of the SA the NSA talks mostly about the anti-capitalist and socialist politics the SA stood for within the NSDAP and national-socialism in the ’30’s. Often is forgotten what kind of ‘revolution’ they wanted to spark and the reason for their anti-capitalism. The anti-capitalist thoughts were mostly characterized by a strong anti-bourgeoisie-rhetoric. However within fascism and national-socialism there was a bread support from the non-Jewish upper-class of society. The main core of followers of fascism and national socialism were middleclass people who had put ‘their’ revolution against the left-winged workers. How it all ended is known all too well: Mussolini, Franco and Hitler made little effort to make it harder for (the non-Jewish part of) the bourgeoisie. More strongly, especially in nazi-Germany the fascist government made pacts with the large industries and even the ones from other capitalist world powers like England and the United States. To what extent one therefore can speak of real anti-capitalism?

The anti-capitalism of the national-socialists far most is one of pure ego-centrism. It is all about ensuring the ones who are national-socialist and are functioning in the system, are having it well. The others can go to hell. The arguments that are used against for instance the departure of a factory e.g. to a lower payment country is purely focused on the losing of a job by the worker here. An important issue of course. An important issue however that is forgotten is what happens in this whole system. People on the other side of the world, or sometimes even not far from here, are forced to work hard and a lot for little reward that can barely keep them and their families alive. Solidarity with them is important as well, for they are, just like us, victim of this capitalist strategy: making as little costs as possible, no matter what price the production resources (the laborers) pay for it, and making the highest profit possible, no matter the price for the consumer. This consumer, the population, with this, is degraded to consuming cattle that especially must not think for itself and must continue to keep going with the consumerist path they walk. Forgetting what price others are paying for their joy. Through creating awareness with our fellow-citizens eventually it will be possible to take matters in our own hands again and to break free from the capitalist system of oppression there and here. We will then control our own production resources and services so that we can adjust them to OUR desires and make sure they are not handling in favor of the current ruling elite. With OUR we mean the matters of everyone on this planet. This is the big difference in just the example of anti-capitalist thinking of anti-authoritarians compared to that of national-socialism.

The SA might in the ’30’s have made struggle against the state back then, and the NSA or ANS from now might think they are doing so now as well. What they want to put in place for it ho
wever is a system that leads to the repression and later on even genocide of homosexuals, women, Jews, gypsies and those who are ideologically different. About the genocide in the future we can only speculate, but repression, with physical and psychological violence, is something the national socialists from now also are not afraid of.

“We are jointly with every revolutionary force who will go to the end to disrupt and overthrow the state and its system. Because the one thing that all of us revolutionaries binds, is the reactionary support within society that will try to use/abuse us”

quote ANS

To reply on this statement: it is not the reactionary support that will try and abuse the revolutionaries. It is the elite that will try this. For they are the ones that will be put out of place by us Anarchists. They will never gain a place higher than others, and we will always be on the lookout to prevent this from happening. The reactionary support about which is spoken of here, in my opinion is coming from dissatisfaction in society and has eventually found a way for exiting and will lead to an opportunity to make real social changes. A change in the social interaction with people, in which people won’t judge others on whether they are hetero-, homo-, or bisexual, male or female. Changes which make people share their knowledge without creating a dominant position, for both education and the world of science, technology and healthcare or wherever knowledge is needed. A world where people are being judged on what they can and not on where they are coming from. A world of honesty, equality and sincerety. A world with a true social revolution!
It is disgusting that a Group like the ANS is trying to abuse the murder of a comrad of ours, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, for their own purposes. The ANS is hoping that their own supporters will be inspired by the reaction of the population to this murder on a boy of 15. We can not accept that! No to the solidarity statement of the ANS!

, independent Anarchists Nijmegen

Viva Anarchy! No Passaran!

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