Man stabbed by EDL facists neo nazis after Bolton demo.


A man was stabbed by EDL supporters after an arguement in a pub in Middleton, after the Bolton demo.

Here’s the link and a brief summary…..

A MAN was stabbed in the shoulder with a “cut-throat”

blade after trying to stop his friend being attacked by alleged supporters of the English Defence League who had earlier been protesting in Bolton.

A scuffle began outside the Oddfellows Arms in Oldham Road, Middleton, at about 11.30pm on Saturday.

Witnesses said EDL supporters were behaving aggressively and abusing customers.

They were asked to leave by one of the men, who escorted them outside. He was then jumped on and his friend, aged 49, intervened.

After the scuffle had ended and the two men returned inside, the victim realised he had suffered a stab wound to the back of his left shoulder by one of three men. It is believed a cut-throat type blade had been used and it is thought the men had been to the EDL rally in Bolton.

The first man was white, about 5ft 6in tall, in his late teens or early 20s, with a chunky build.

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