Chile: deafening bomb attack against circus ‘Los Tachuelas’



A communiqué from Grupo de Accion Directa Circo Sin Animales (Direct Action Group Circus Without Animals).

Tonight we placed a deafening bomb at the Los Tachuelas circus in Maipu. We did this in protest at the exploitation of animals in circus and to commemorate comrade Barry Horne on the 10th anniversary of his death. We left leaflets on the spot and made clear this was only a warning, and that we will be back if they don’t stop the abuse and mistreatment of animals and don’t free them all. The next attack will hit harder and will occur when less expected. We are very determined to attack them until the liberation of our brothers, who have been suffering long years of captivity, training and mistreatment in order to entertain thousands of people and to keep circuses alive. We address an appeal to all those who say they are in favour of animal liberation: carry out radical actions and attack whoever abuse animals. These people must feel fear. Our brothers must be avenged. The exploiters must know that animals are not alone and that we are many ready to anything in the struggle for animal, human and earth liberation.

Grupo de Accion Directa Circo Sin Animales.

24th November 2011

  Translation B.pd/actforfreedomnow

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