Greece-Letter from Fire Cells Conspiracy and Theofilos Mavropoulos in solidarity with Rami Syrianos


On December 2, Theofilos Mavropoulos and comrades from the Fire Cells Conspiracy released a letter in solidarity with Rami Syrianos, whose trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, December 5.

From the Rejection of Work to the Rejection of Their World

I hate the monotonous, repetitive sound of the alarm clock, getting my body moving without my mind wanting to. I hate the blackmail that, contrary to my desires, turns me into one more cog in their civilization’s machinery of production and consumption. I hate the sensation of seeing my own reflection in the bus window every morning, distinguishing in my own face the apathy that’s considered a key ingredient in the process of wage-slavery. I hate all those other faces that, together with mine, complete the image of total submission and perpetual capitulation. I hate those fake “good mornings” we lifelessly exchange and that twisting of the lips we force into the semblance of a smile. I hate the daily routine, and I hate even more those moments when I reach the point of it no longer bothering me so much. I hate my “boss,” even though he may be one of the “good ones.” I also hate my “coworkers,” because for some reason I can sense an invisible antagonism in our relationships that, whatever the case, favors the “boss.” I hate the “bad customers” who rudely pester me from the very beginning of the day for any number of bullshit reasons. I hate the “good customers” who confirm their own “superiority” by leaving me their change as a charity-tip. I hate the common opinion that views all this as something logical while I feel like I’m lost, living in a “bad trip.” I hate the prison I live, move, consume, breathe, and exist in. I will hate myself if I don’t do something to oppose all this. Maybe I don’t know how to describe this system in economic and academic terms, but I certainly know what my conscience and my heart are telling me. I know what my position must be in all this.

A position of attack.

I refuse to be another piece of their system. I refuse to be one more public opinion in their society. I reject the civilization pushing in on all sides as if it were something comprehensible in itself. I reject the antiquated ideologies and toothless viewpoints that reduce everything to economic statistics and class roles. The most important things in life are perhaps the simplest to perceive. I reject their herd and cross to the other side of the shore with a single goal: to transform this negation and hate into action that targets them, with the objective being the total destruction of their system and its constraints. I know I’m not going to win this war, but that doesn’t matter, because my desire to struggle makes me feel free for the first time in my life. I also know I’m not alone. On this shore I’ve found other people—comrades in attack, wild individualities who collectivize their rage. And they strike with hate. And they strike with heart. They fall wounded only to later rise up again to an even greater height above all the suit-wearing scum of this world. We fight for anarchy and chaos. I’m not trying to convince you to follow me. That decision doesn’t really depend on other people’s arguments. Instead, you have to listen, for the first time with open ears, to your own voice. And perhaps we’ll meet sometime behind the burning barricades in the heart of this metropolis, out there where we will carry out our own acts of war, with hate but also with complete pleasure.

Wage-slavery and its experiences offer more than enough reasons to reject this system in its totality. Expropriations, sabotage, political executions, arsons, bombings, Molotovs and stones thrown during combative marches, as well as the spread of our discourse and viewpoints: these are all parts of our own culture. They are parts of our own individualist revolution, which we are living here and now. Maybe their courts separate all those things by law and statute, maybe the punishments for them differ in accordance with the system’s own logic, but we see it another way. All those attacking options are indivisible and form part of our polymorphic struggle for the destruction of authoritarian civilization. The fact that their courts condemn us leaves us indifferent. We have made our decision, we will defend it, and we will take any of their vindictive sentences with our heads held high.

Solidarity among us isn’t simply another obligation or a bunch of easy words written only for the sake of writing. It is the essence of our values and our revolutionary ethic. It is our own perception of comradeship.

We don’t forget, and we don’t forgive.

We stand beside revolutionary anarchist Rami Syrianos ahead of his trial beginning on December 5. We stand beside him because of the proud position he took in his case, as well as because of his constant combative, attacking attitude behind the walls. We stand beside him because he continues to be unyielding and disobedient, no matter what the cost. Disciplinary punishments and solitary confinement are insufficient to reduce the level of his dignity.




—Members of the Fire Cells Conspiracy Revolutionary Organization and comrade Theofilos Mavropoulos

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