news from amfissa trial of the murderes cops of alexis grigoropulos monday 14:56 . from the inside.


The child described in court what he saw and heard on the evening of December 6, stated that they heard the two defendants special guards to warn that they will shoot and bend when referred to the last moments of Alexis. As the 17 year old, who resides in the evening in question was on the road Tzavella with other friends. The same point was gathered about 10 to 12 children and was an altercation with two police officers. Young did not show aggressive behavior towards the Epaminondas Korkonea and Basil Saralioti who were there on foot, has a 17 year old, claiming that they saw the police shooting, but heard the shots. In response, in fact, a question of political action, stated that no hearing prior to alert police to the children. Immediately after the shooting, he and his friends ran to where Alex was fallen and pulled him further with the help of another child. Alexis lived even trying to breathe, said that time bend and burst into tears. After a few minutes to stop the court to the witness stand, said he saw blood on his hand and then lifted the shirt of Alexander and saw the wound. On questions of policy actions, the 17 year old identified the location where the police and Alex, exactly as specified in the autopsy report. A deposit of 17-year continues.

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