Thessaloniki- Letter by Dimitris Fessas from inside prison


Involving me in this case is clearly a trick aimed at spreading more mud and dirt in which to bury imprisoned fighters…….

Letter by Dimitris Fessas from inside prison

The story goes like this:
In April 2009 a municipal policeman reported that he was attacked in the centre of Thessaloniki by someone trying to steal his cap. He then refers to a witness – a ghost who, as he says, later disappeared without giving his name. This witness-ghost from Navarinou Square, he says, had seen someone get on a motorcycle of a different colour and with different characteristics to mine. In the police department the municipal policeman doesn’t recognise my photo and the police don’t bother me at all. Two years later and because I’m already on remand, the police remember this ridiculous story about the municipal policeman’s hat and call me again for an interrogation.
My involvement in this case is clearly a trick aimed at spreading more mud and dirt in which to bury imprisoned fighters.
Here we are not seeing anything new, the recipe is old and tested, although lately its use has become more frequent. Examples of fighters who have been prosecuted with no evidence are many. A contradictory testimony and an unreliable DNA test are enough for anyone to be prosecuted.
Their ultimate purpose is to extend my stay in prison, and to break my spirit. Beyond this, the frequency of this practice combined with the time of its appearance (the gradual collapse of the Greek state) shows that it is part of a general experiment. Its purpose is the testing of reactions and resistance under pressure of specific social groups which the State wants to strongly control.
As time passes and the situation in Greece gets worse, we will witness increasingly intense and frequent experiments of this kind. Therefore, we from our side, we have to make sure that the results of their experiments will be negative, we have to ensure that this insatiable State machine will not swallow up our people with ease.

On Thursday 15/12/2011 at 09.00 am I will be presented before the investigating judge to ”confess” to this incredible charge. Anyone who is waiting to see my mental resilience weaken with this ridiculous case will discover that a few handfuls of mud are not enough to put me down.

Dimitris Fessas
Diavata Prison
Thessaloniki 14/12/2011


On 13/1/2011 comrades Fessas, Tsilianidis, Tzifkas and Dimtsiadis who were wanted since 13/10/2010 for Skouloudis case are arrested in Athens and accused of consisting and participating in a criminal organization. The three are imprisoned in the 1st wing of Koridallos prisons and Tzifkas in Avlona prisons.
The system attempts the isolation of dozens of our comrades who are right now confined in the modern hellholes. The continuation of the struggle as well as the strengthening of consciences is a battle that has not been lost. Inside and outside of the walls the looks of all those who do not bow the head, who deny to subject will continue to meet with every way.

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