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from (translated by war on society) to be spread far and wide:

We have kept a silence similar enough to stupidity…
(Insurrectional proclamation of the Tuitiva Assembly in the city of La Paz, July 16, 1809)

Months have passed. Long damned months since our comrade suffered an accident in handling an explosive device designed to make evident the critical necessity to the financial institutions that hold billions of people in deplorable conditions of debt and psychosis. Months in which our silence has been the most deafening sound that we have felt in our bodies. Months of not knowing about his situation, days and nights of doubt, of intense rage and profound sorrow breaking our heart muscles and our calm. Hours that never ended, that pointed at us and threatened that they would not do it.

But it stopped, here we are wounded, but not dead and never defeated. Our legs may tremble, but we are decided that this silence will disappear with the bellows, growls, meows and cries of the herds seeking the freedom of our cub.

Today, after more than a month of your captivity following the hearing, we raise ourselves to defend your precious life. We want you together with us again to lick your wounds without any condition or reason. With this we seek to create bonds and networks of solidarity in Chile and in all the world to agitate for your freedom, so the firm and strong voice of those who do not give up in the struggle for total liberation will be heard. So that for no moment do we forget your name, TORTUGA, because we have not forgotten anything. From Chile to Indonesia, through Greece, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, Mexico and so many countries where people live confined under 4 walls thousands of prisoners.

We shout with strength that we love you with the same intensity, and with the ire that gives us passion we agitate for your freedom here and now.

This is only a small presentation, soon we will update the site, and embellish it.

In the meantime we will receive letters and pictures to break the isolation of our cub.

For those deprived of freedom, our solidarity and complicity until they return to be with us, free and wild.

We take the words of a comrade: Strength Luciano! The pigs repress you and the imbeciles criticize you, but the purity of your determination delivers you from all that avalanche of garbage.

Group of Friends and Lovers of Luciano Pitronello


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