Screws cars attacked at Ashfield Prison, Bristol (UK)


Screws cars attacked at Ashfield Prison, Bristol

On Weds 4th Jan we came out of the shadows and in broad daylight applied ladles of paint stripper to 9 cars belonging to screws at HMP and YOI Ashfield. This action was to avenge our prisoners of war; besides, we couldn’t stand the sight of the place.

This prison was the first private prison in the UK to incarcerate youth prisoners. It is run by Serco (with other companies such as Wessex Water profiting from the exploitation of a labour deal) and has a turbulent history of rioting, miserable conditions, and resulting disorder, that almost forced the public sector to take it back over in 2003. Maybe word will reach the inmates at this always tense time of year…Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

And where then, the people say, should these young people be if not in detention? In “education” or training as the liberals bleat, forced to sit in lines day after day as boredom and surviellance break their wills and destroys animal intelligence to a level appropriate for the society that awaits them (another prison of sorts anyway)? Or in the new workhouses or compulsory military service, as the fascists and the proud citizens (was there ever a difference?) demand, to be brutalised and have their individual spirits worn away – just as prison aims? Or trapped in the suffocating family structures that now proliferate, hopelessly reproducing patriarchy and obedience, as the politicians reccommend?

Nonsense, dead-ends, trickery. We will not parley with this order on any of its terms. Interconnectedness, trust in co-existing and human solidarity can only exist when the whole rotten system that breeds their antithesis is dissolved, whether by collapse or revolution. And until then we will sabotage the machinery of the cages wherever we find them, remembering that WHOEVER PASSED BY THE FRONT OF A COURTHOUSE OR A PRISON AND THEIR LOOK DIDN’T DARKEN AT THE THOUGHT THAT THEY COULD BE THERE AS THE CULPRIT, DID NOT LIVE THEIR LIFE WITH INTEGRITY AND DIGNITY.

Monika Caballero, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Tamara Heras John Bowden, Jock Palfreeman, Braulio Gonzalez, Guido Mantelli – these are not just names to us. We feel their separation, we share their hate, we breathe their passion. So we attacked their isolation with greetings over the walls and distances that divide us through our own course of action for our own robbed freedoms.

In our minds are the captives behind these walls, but also every other prison wall who have the courage to resist and who don’t lick the boots of their captors, such as those in Bristol’s HMP Horfield prison who were heard kicking, banging and singing “The only good copper is a dead copper” on New Year’s Eve as police attacked the anti-prison demo outside with pepper spray and batons.

Our attacking support is also with Conspiracy Cells of Fire wherever they are, but especially the defiant comrades of the imprisoned members sector in Greece’s dungeons (despite a recent break out attempt – we wish you better luck next time!), along with their upcoming second trial and their proposal for the formation of a Black International of anarchist behind bars. “Because memory is not rubbish and blood is not water…” In each jail may there flower revolt, Fire to the Prisons! xx

-unknown anarchists

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