Several attacks on cop cars Berlin, the first of January 2012


Several attacks on cop cars

Berlin, the first of January 2012

we received the following claim:

“New-Years-Eve is not are reason to celebrate. 3 years ago Reinhard Rother murdered in the name of the police of Berlin Dennis J., who was searched by warrant. Cops will be reminded of this murder when they get confronted with our hostility on New-Years-Eve. On the first of January 2012 shortly after midnight we attacked a van and 2 patrol cars of the cops on Oberbaumbrücke in Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain. The patrol cars couldnt be used anymore after wards. The people that were celebrating on the bridge appreciated our action by applauding.

All cops are bastards – Team Kreuzberg 36”

from the policeticker:

Several times officers of the police and their cars got attacked:

On Stralauer Allee in Friedrichshain a patrol car got attacked and damaged with stones and a substance like bitumen by unknowns out of a crowd of people around 0:20 am. One officer had his eyes injured and another his shoulder, because of broken glass of the side window. They had to go to the hospital and the car couldnt be used anymore. The cop car of the federal police that came to help got attacked with stones as well.

Out of a bigger crowd patrol cars got attacked at Oberbaumbrücke around 0:20 am with stones and fireworks. While one got just damaged on the car body the other cars front and side window got smashed and three officers got lightly injured. At the same time a patrol car, that was on its way to a car accident got hit by stones out of a big crowd on Warschauer Straße. The car body got damaged.

An ambulance car of the federal police got attacked with stones by two masked persons at Schnellerstraße in Treptow around 1:30 am.
Out of a group of 20 to 30 people a patrol car and a civil cop car got attacked with stones on Grünberger Straße in Friedrichshain around 2:30 am. Police forces checked the group around 3:50 am and arrested to suspicious persons. Because of the resistance of the group the police had to use batons and peperspray. (…)

(…) From 11:12 pm on around 500 people gathered for the traditional „prison-demonstration“ at the underground-station Turmstraße to walk to the prison in Moabit. Around 11:40 pm the crowd reach its destination with a total number of around 750 people. During the demonstration the police got attacked several times by paintbombs and fireworks. Around 0:10 am the manifestation was over. Police checked the indentities of several people and gave out fines because of braking the law of demonstrating (…)

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