Athens-C.C.F. trial update 3rd session 9/1/2012


freedom to CCF prisoners


The trial of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire was interrupted until the 16th of January, after a demand by the defendants, who once again have been spread out to various prisons around the country, so that they cannot have any communication with their advocates.


As soon as the procedure began and after the reading of the defense witnesses that had been called for today’s session, Mihalis Nikolopoulos asked to speak, in order to make a statement of all four defendants, regarding the matter of their transfers to the prisons of Trikala, Grevena and Komotini. We remind that on December 20th, after a demand of the advocates and defendants, the court had decided the interruption of the trial for the 9th of January, in order for the advocates and defendants to collaborate.


The advocates had submitted the demand to the public prosecutor and the court that they make sure that the defendants remain in the prisons of Koridallos, so that the interruption of the trial has a meaning. The chairman and public prosecutor declared they have no jurisdiction on this matter. According however, with the claim of the defendants, the public prosecutor of executing sentences answered orally to the management of the prison to their written demand that they remain in Koridalos, that they have no jurisdiction. He referred the matter back to the court! In other words, the court and public prosecutor are playing ball games with their responsibilities, self-proclaiming that they have no jurisdiction, while at the same time the defendants are provocatively transferred to prisons far away from Athens.

The chairman of the court faced the defendants with the same provocativeness. Initially and for a few minutes insisted to not let M. Nikolopoulos speak, who declared immediately from the beginning that he wants to make a statement concerning the transfers. M.Nikolopoulos had to insist as well, that he should precede the advocates (that would ask for new interruption), which he had agreed with, in order to force the chairman to let him speak.


The statement made on behalf of all the defendants by M.Nikolopoulos, interrupted by the chairman, obviously in order to it makes him lose line of thought, was the following:

This court, as I said also in the past, is a political court martial. Very good proof of all these is the matter of transfers. In the previous session it had been asked that from now on, via our advocates, that we reamain in the prisons of Koridallos. The court declared non-jurisdiction and it has been written in the proceedings -if you want you can find it and see it- and referred us to the public prosecutor of executing sentences. The public prosecutor, after our demand through prison, answered us, again through prison, that he has no jurisdiction and that the court is responsible.


Obviously this is not one individual fact. For a year now they transfer us from prison to prison having made all together dozens of transfers. Obviously, this happens in order to physically isolate us and cut off all communication between us. For example Giorgos Polydoros who has been imprisoned for ten months now, has gone to six different prisons. Also, from the beginning of our imprisonment we have been placed in special wings, where the majority were rapists and snitches. Obviously this aimed at our moral extermination.


We clarify that we do not ask for any leniency and no rights. We are at war anyway. Simply, from the beginning we showed our intentions and did not hide. We took our responsibilities. You did not, in any way. First of all you are afraid to say that you are serving as a political court martial, but you also lie about the matter of transfers. The court has no jurisdiction, the public prosecutor has no jurisdiction. What’s going on, what’s happening? I cannot understand what’s going on. Obviously there are political plans. Why are you afraid to keep us for ten days in Koridallos prisons? What are you afraid of if we stay in Koridallos for ten days? What plans exist? Who gave the order? Did the anti-terrorist give the order? The time has come for you to take your responsibilities”.


“In any case the court gave no order”, was the bitter comment of the chairman, who had tried previously to interrupt M.Nikolopoulos. He asked the defendant if he has a written answer by the public prosecutor of executing sentences.We have our written demand’, answered Christos Tsakalos, ‘and we took the oral answer from the management of the prison that the public prosecutor declared non-jurisdiction and indicated you as responsible. If the question that you place, is having a written answer, we will ask from the prison that the answer comes in writing’. “I do not ask for a written answer”, hurried to say the chairman, closing in a hurry the discussion which he himself began, disputing the sincerity of what the defendants claimed!


Afterwards, the advocates asked for a few days interruption, so that they can communicate with their clients and plan their defence. The public prosecutor immediately hurried to accept the demand. And the chairman, with an apologetic tone, asked the advocates and defendants two-three times if the time of interruption was long enough and he interrupted for Monday the 16th of January.


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