Responsibility claim for the burned 3 vans of the Greek telecommunications organization (OTE) -Athens


A life deeply conscious that will give the opportunity to those who experience it, to learn again, to communicate, to fight, to organize, to live and also with those who they ‘dig’ to share their common aims, their common experiences, their common hates.”

(From the pamphlet Handbook of Reintroduction)


We live in a grey urban landscape, which drowns us daily. Its configuration as a “product” of the mechanisms of the state subjugates the people and initiates them into a fucking routine.

The spaces of work, “amusement”, education and entertainment constitute a “step” for authority itself so that it evolves as many human zombies as possible. Our needs were enclaved on shelves of temples of consumption, our feelings were locked into whorehouses, fear conquered the people prompting them to subjugation. We decided to go against the unity that is observed widely in our days in the majority of the social portion, and we denied the artificial needs and the roles of dominator and dominated which sovereignty is trying to impose. Our aim is the establishment of a radical-revolutionary movement with multiform action, far from fetishisms. We thus place for ourselves and for our co-fighters the bet of permanent search and development, so much on a personal level as well as on a collective level.


In the early hours of Sunday 8/1/12, we completely burned 3 vans of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization on the cross of Mikra Asia and Sinopis street in Goudi. Our attack was a minimal token of solidarity to the 4 comrades from Thessaloniki (Tsilianidis, Skouloudis, Tzifkas, Dimtsiadis) for their fighting and proud attitude inside and outside the walls. We know that even the least aggressive movement from the big prison gives courage and warms the hearts of our comrades.






Conspiracy of Raging Arsonists

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