Attacks on KFW, Commerzbank and cops (Germany)


Frankfurt, the first of January 2012

We received following claim:

“The new year starts well. In the first minutes of the new year we attacked the new central office of the KFW (KfW banking group is a German government-owned development bank)in Frankfurt near the Bockenheimer Warte with a good amount of stones. Because of the fact that it felt so good, we attacked one branch of the Commerzbank and some advertisement as well and set up a fire of joy by torching some trashbins. When the cops arrived, being absolutely late, we chased them away. Not all of the cars stayed without damage. Many people spontanously joined our action and showed their anger about the funking system.

The action was an expression of our anger about the german politics of crisis. On the backs of the wage-earning population here and in Greece, Spain, Italy….. capitalism wants to saved. Institutions like the KFW and the EZB take the role of those that are realizing the politics of constrained circumstances. Heavy cost-cutting programs in south europe and HartzIV and low wages here are 2 sides of the same medal.
Our new-years salute is as well directed to the cops of Frankfurt that are willingly take the role of the sidekick of this system. The eviction of the Schumannstraße showed that again.

The cops say, that there havent been any special occurences on New-Years-Eve in Frankfurt. Thats good. Anyhow they have to get used to the fact, that in future we will express our anger more often in a practical way.
In 2012 the protests against capitalism and crisis will reach a new quality, peaceful or militant. Frankfurt will be a central spot for that.

For an insurgent 2012. Lets take the insurrection into the heart of the beast.”

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