Arson of ATMs in Athens


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From 17/1/2011 to 19/7/2011 the first trial of the R.O. Conspiracy Cells
of Fire took place in Koridalloos prisons
. It was a trial with ‘pilot’
characteristics which would put down the foundations for the way the next
trial of the same organization as well as the trial of the R.O.
Revolutionary Struggle will be dealt with.
This trial awoke memories of
the court martials during the first years post war, since it was
characterized by : the absence of a jury, the withholding of the id cards
of those present in the trial aiming at their filing, the non-recording of
the minutes of the trial (a move with purely political characteristics
since it aims at depriving the accused of leaving ‘testimony’- deposit)
and finally the self-appointment of advocates when the comrades had ceased
their own.
Beyond however the fascism of an urban seat, a political trial is formed
mainly by the revolutionaries who participate in it with their word and
actions. The trial took a clearly political and aggressive character from
the attitude of the comrades which was emblematical as well as the initial
support of those who were in the court in solidarity and the solidarity
actions that took place towards the trial. Demanding the abolition of the
measures of the court-martial which were mentioned above the comrades
verbally attacked the judges leading to, since the demand were not
satisfied, them leaving the procedure and ceasing their advocates. Their
absence from the court peaked with the beginning of a hunger strike until
their demands were satisfied.
However, the struggle of the comrades did not attribute since one of the
accused did not hold a solid attitude and appeared alone in the court
room, rendering thus the hunger strike futile. This way a vulgar procedure
began again, since the only ones participating in the sessions were the
From the trial, which continued without any demand being satisfied, none
of us forgets the Orwellian style slideshow with personal moments of the
comrades. We promise to return that vulgarity to their faces.
The end of the first trial came with the inquisitors loading our comrades
with 103 years in prison. Something that shows how dangerous they are to
the social order, but also stresses the inability of lasting solidarity
actions by the anarchist movement.
On the 14th and 20th of December began the new trial concerning the
sending of parcel bombs, while it was postponed till the 7th of January.

It receives the same treatment from the state as the last one –they will
try to beat them by isolating them-. On this base is placed also the
special transfer of the comrades, spreading them all outside Attica
depriving them of communication between them but also between them and
their advocates.
We don’t need to say much since we are sure that the guerrillas –members
of the C.C.F. will be intolerant and reverse the terms of this procedure
as well.
One of the purposes (which will be analysed further) of this initiative is
to place and win the bet of counter-information and factual solidarity in
the cases of persecuted anarchists, without being partial when it comes to
the means.
Supporting our comrades of the C.C.F. therefore with the means which are
handy to us, we burnt 3 atms. The one of the Geniki bank on a side street
off Alexandras av, the Agrotiki bank on Ippokratous and the Pereus bank on
Kannigos street.
With the publication of the pamphlet “HANDBOOK OF REINTRODUCTION” we would
like to say to the authors:
Comrades, NOTHING has started yet,
we have much still to smash,
we have much still to burn,
we have a whole world to build on the fire,
that is our structural material.

Strength to the clandestine comrades
Strength to all decent prisoners

“In Carcere et vinculis”

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