Athens – Responsibility claim for raiding attack on ‘Goody’s’ (greek fastfood chain).


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On the 2nd of January one of our groups raided and broke the window of the
fastfood shop Goodys as well as the glass door of ‘Domi’ private education
institute on Solonos street. The attack was carried out because of the
hearing of the release application made by imprisoned comrade Stella
which is scheduled to start on January 4th. It has a reflective
character and aims at the support of the struggle taking place inside the
prisons for her release. The comrade suffers from serious health problems.
In front of the given procrastination of the state we affix the intolerant
multiform solidarity.

Now in order to calm down the noise around the name of Karakatsani, we
choose to re-position ourselves publically on the matter since some
comrades choose to perpetuate it when they should have helped to
de-crystalize it in the form that it holds in the consciences of the
anarchists. The publication of our text was in no way an attempt to slur
the name of the imprisoned fighter, but an attempt to show the politically
correct. And in this SPECIFIC situation we believe that (leaving the
gossip in the cafes, and the personal matters to the people themselves)
that the struggle (maximalist or not) of the comrades, for the appointment
and realization of their just demands would have surely had better chances
if it was taken on by all of the accused. Agreeing that the chances of
success were probably small, the beforehand acknowledgment of the
ineffectuality of the attempt (by a person who as a defendant had an
opinion that counted) surely did not increase them.

Obviously the fact that we raised this matter was a conscious choice, did
not happen arbitrarily and in no way happened with the mind frame such as
“say it again and again and something will remain in the end”. We knew the
possibility of reactions breaking out, something we preferred than the
silencing of the incident which would mean a discount on our speech.
Whoever wants, after this placement, to continue to talk about mud and
sycophancy can do freely do that. They will for sure not receive another
answer from us.

Because however the matter could be recycled non-stop and it would be a
strategic mistake on our side to devote more to this, we clarify: This
specific reference to the name of the fighter was in the name of the
correct political critique of the facts, a very useful tool for the
deepening, understanding and enrichment of the revolutionary experience.
To finish, it becomes obvious that if the comrades were not possessed by
touchiness, and their reflexes were not so good on this specific matter,
we would have had time to inform them on the matter in a future

P.S. Obviously in our previous communique there was a mistake concerning
the court of the comrades of the C.C.F. since its not the parcel bomb case
on trial but the second trial of the Halandri case which tries the
comrades who were on the run during the first trial.


“In Carcere et Vinculis”

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