Thessaloniki -Final Updates on the Appeal trial on ”Mylonas’ kidnapping” of Polikarpos Georgiadis, Vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Giorgos Haralambidis


May 20, 2012


Thursday, May 10th. 2012

The trial continues with the examination of Milonas by the advocates of Polikarpos. Milonas concludes that he has doubts about Polikarpos as well. Milonas also brought in a paper from a doctor for his wife, who does not appear because she suffers from depression (as commented by the lawyers, obviously it is not because of the kidnapping but because of the economic crisis of capitalism…) The rest of the day was mainly occupied by one of the cops who participated in the investigation, who seems more “studied” that the first degree trial. But to the question of the lawyers why there were no voice identifications in science labs, the witness answered that the scientific department “sold them out”…

Friday, May 11th.

One of the prosecution witnesses, Akrivopoulos, who is a personal friend of Milonas and has served as the lawyer of ‘Alumil’, with a small participation in the case and while at the first degree trial had a short testimony, this time quickly changes his mind. Against even the testimony of Milonas himself, he tries to establish a climate of hatred which does not reflect any reality. The testimonies of the prosecution witnesses continues, mainly of cops who participated in the investigation. Even at key points which supposedly “thicken” the charges, it is impressive that none of them was present but they all had the information transferred by their superiors…

Monday, May 14th

After the reading of some documents, it’s the turn of the defence witnesses. The defence witnesses testify that on the two dates respectively, they were with their comrades in personal and public moments. As for the social environment of the accused (relatives, friends, comrades, co-workers, neighbours etc.), the concern of the court was to impose a tight and restrained dimension of the defence speech: in the beginning with smiles after that with constant rings of the bell and finally with the interruption of the procedure, the chairwoman attempted to cease every reference to the conscious reasons which led the comrades to providing asylum and solidarity to a fugitive and someone wanted by the authorities, let alone when it is about a conscious outlaw who attacks the economic structures without harming anyone poor or mistreated.

The raising of the above reasons will come finally from the accused comrades in their testimonies. Vaggelis referred to the ideas of freedom and the intense experiences in the working spaces which led him to the choice of solidarity to Vassilis Paleokostas, denying however the charges of participation in a criminal organization, robbery, kidnapping and receiving a part of the ransom. After that he made a comparison of the illegitimacy of Paleokostas with the legitimate illegitimacy of the state and the terrorism of the economic measures, especially in conditions of economic crisis.

He later referred to the daily life of the prisons, the discrepancy of the sentence he got in the first trial with the weight of his choices or even, the actions attributed to him in the charges. Then he made critical comments on the anti-criminal policy, correction and the penal law. (the chairwoman having long ago “worn” a sympathetic attitude, at a moment appears completely charmed: ‘you say thing very well, Vaggelis’…). Finally, Vaggelis answered questions specifically about the case for a quite a while.

After a short break, it was Polis turn. He analysed the meaning of social robbery as defined by Hobsbawm and detected its tradition through the greek and international history, including in it also Vassilis Paleokostas. He also denied the charges attributed to him and mentioned the political characteristics of his support to Paleokostas, independently if he agrees 100% with all of his choices.

He mentioned however the form of discrimination of violence according to Žižek, he differentiated the illegitimate violence of Paleokostas (i.e. kidnapping) which is of a coincidental nature from the structural violence of the institutions and capital which establishes a permanent condition of repression and tolerance, concluding to the present situation, suicides and deaths from the non-satisfaction of very basic needs vital needs. Finally, Polis also answered questions put to him concerning the case.

Tuesday, May 15th.

The testimonies of the accused continue with Lazaridis for once more (this time while weeping…) confesses to his participation in the kidnapping but denies his participation in the robbery outside ‘Masoutis’ supermarket.

He again mentions comrades Vaggelis and Polis and the contradictions are not absent (while at the beginning he says they were not at the grabbing, later he said that they were, etc.). Then testified Giorgos Haralabidis who is examined on evidence concerning the case in an extensive and harsh way by the judges (at some point the chairwoman exclaims “common Haralabidis”).

The same harshness is shown towards the rest of the family who are accused of misdemeanours, especially towards Giorgos younger sister. Then it was time for the prosecutor to make his proposal.

After making an extensive however cliché introduction (simulation of a penal trial with an ancient drama and legal speech with a dialectic), he proposes the guilt of the accused for the charges of criminal organization, snatching, blackmail and possession of explosive materials and their exemption from the charges of the robbery outside ‘Masoutis’ supermarket and thefts.

Among other things, he proposed the recognition of a mitigation (which was not recognized in the first degree trial) to Giorgos Haralabidis. Then followed the allocutions of the defence advocates, where until the end of the procedure 3 lawyers had time to speak (2 from the 3 of Vagglis and 1 of the 2 of Polis).

S.Fitrakis :starting from the speech of his client, spoke of the subjective political-ideological motives which led Vaggelis to his implications with Vassilis Paleokostas and claimed that was has come out of the case does not recommend implication in an organized group but instead occasional implication of an assistive character. And combined with the shaken socio-economic reality, he proposed to the judges to abandon the tough model of serving justice and to adopt a more balanced approach which at a legal level means either “abetting a criminal” or “simple complicity”. Then Ch.Ketikoglou spoke of the more technical points of the case and contradicted many of the arguments of the charges against Vaggelis. O.Vlontzou also did the same, and mentioned many of the contradictions included in the charges against Polis.

Wednesday, May 16th.

G.Rachiotis: first referred to the technical evidence of the case which the charges attribute to Polis, claiming the lack of material proof for the proving of objective substance in the attributed actions. Then he criticized the legal construction of a criminal organization (as created after 2001), which updates the criminality of the poor (even if it is just a coincidental gathering of people) contrasting it with criminality of the white collar which allows insults of the legitimate class which are caused by higher social layers.Finally he mentioned the motives which inspired his client to show solidarity to Vassilis Paleokostas, the vision of a just world which blurred in the legend that goes against the system and wins.

D.Vagianou: began from that spot, contrasting two poles: on one side an economic factor of the country (Milonas) and on the other, a legend of illegality, a social robber who incarnates the escape to freedom and the resistance to oppression (Paleokostas), with the two comrades coming from another world where the ideological motives pushed them to show their solidarity to Paleokostas.

Referring to the more legal evidence which involve Vaggelis, she placed a matter of doubt of the proof material, a matter which is by-passed (i.e. in the first trial) in front of an imposed need of dislocation of an action.

The advocate concluded as well to the enriched charge of the criminal organization, which in the case of Paleokostas does not exist in legal terms, but in a symbolic way: the dogma of collective responsibility drags down the rest of the accused and the symbolic force of the penal justice overshadows the actions of solidarity of the two people who have ideological motives.

Then, the young lawyer of Lazaridis (who replaced the graphic lawyer he had in the first degree trial), made a short allocution about her client saying that he is telling the truth and claiming the fact that he has two underage children. The defence advocate of Giorgos Haralabidis, M.Papadaki mainly mentioned the relationship developed by her client with Vassilis Paleokostas, as well as herself, when she met him while he was imprisoned.

The chairwoman of the court interrupted the advocate quite often and very obviously, since she didn’t want to hear a lot about the giving and interest Paleokostas shows to those who he loves and are in need. Finally spoke the lawyers of the family of Haralabidis who mentioned the harsh economic situation the family is going through, the constant struggle they are in and the fact that he has not occupied the persecutory authorities again. The court was interrupted for a couple of hours to make the decision. It returns to announce the guilt’s and exemptions: more or less accepts the proposal of the prosecutor, exemting additionally the accused also from the charge of possession of explosives. Then, the prosecutor makes some proposals about the sentence for the charges for which the accused were judges guilty.

The lawyers counter-propose smaller sentences and the court interrupts again for a short while to announce its final decision: Vaggelis and Polis again are “a set”.

Their final sentence is 12 years and 10 months (the charge of criminal organization was decreased to half and the other charges were decreased a little bit).

Lazaridis went down to 6 years and 11 months (for him, although acquitted of charges or some sentences were decreased; his sentence for criminal organization was increased a bit).

Giorgos Haralabidis went down to 4 years and 5 months (the sentence of simple compliance in the kidnapping was decreased and he was recognized with a mitigation).

The family of Haralabidis went down to 10 months with a 3 year probation.




Update from the first two days of the trial of P.Geogiadis and V.Chrisohoidis in Thessaloniki.


Act for freedom now!


Update from the first two days of the trial of P.Geogiadis and V.Chrisohoidis in Thessaloniki.

Session 1, 24/4/12

The trial began in a very intense environment in Thessaloniki.

Polikarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis are tried at a second degree at the Appeals court.

At the first trial they had been sentenced to 22 years and 3 months for accessory in the kidnapping of the then president of SEB (greek industrialists association) and major industrialist Milonas.

The trial had number 17 but it started after 11am. During the transfer of the comrades to the court, which took place with the escort of “hooded ones” of the antiterrorist force, there was some tension, when the cop in charge of keeping everything “in order” in the court room, started threatening to arrest anyone who will cause trouble.

The juridical employees freaked out because they didn’t expect the trial to begin today and there was an interruption so they could set the judges panel.

The trial never resumed and continued the next day

Session 2, 25/4

The trial started with the testimony of MAJOR CRIMINAL AND INDUSTRIALIST BEAST G.Milonas.

The trial will continue on 10/5/12







Athens-Information from the solidarity gathering- p.a. system/motorbike demonstration 21ST OF APRIL 2012 for P.Georgiadis and V.Chrisohoidis.

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Act for freedom now!

Information from the solidarity gathering- p.a. system/motorbike solidarity demonstration for P.Georgiadis and V.Chrisohoidis. A solidarity gathering with a P.A. was carried out at Syntagma square for the case of the comrades

V.Chrisohoidis and P.Georgiadis who are accused of the kidnapping of Milonas (ex-president of greek industrialists) and are tried in Thessaloniki on 24/4. After that there was a motorbike solidarity demo, of about 50 motorbikes which went by the S.E.B. (association of enterprises and industries) and ended in Exarhia square.

by Πρακτορείο Rioters


Polykarpos (Polys) Georgiades and Vaggelis Chrysochoides are two comrades imprisoned for accomplice in the kidnapping for ransom of the president -at the time-  of northern Greece’s industrialist union G. Mylonas, by Vassilis Palaiokostas, a prison escapee and widely popular bandit, since “he has never hurt anyone’s life” and traditionally used theft only against the thieves (industrialists, banks etc). Despite all witnesses failed to recognize or describe them properly, the two are currently serving a prison penalty for more than 22 years, based on the testimony of a police-cooperating arrestee. Another prisoner at the time, was also given a penalty of 13 years, for accomplice. Their appeal will be examined at the Jury of Thessaloniki on 14/2/2012. More information: On Polys Georgiades’ and Vaggelis Chrysochoides’ case, 2008-…, Vassilis Palaiokostas’ letter to the media, Daily update on the trial, Vaggelis C.’s statement to the court

On a journey that is hasn’t ended yet – Polys Georgiadis

A few words on the upcoming (14/2/12) Court of Appeals on Mylonas’ kidnapping case

“Of course I, too, condemn the act through which a man violently and through ruse takes possession of the fruits of someone else’s labor. But it’s precisely because of this that I made war on the rich, thieves of the goods of the poor. I too want to live in a society from which theft is banished. I only approved of and used theft as the means of revolt most appropriate for combating the most unjust of all thefts: individual property.

In order to destroy an effect you must first destroy the cause. If there is theft it is only because there is abundance on one hand and famine on the other; because everything only belongs to some. The struggle will only disappear when men will put their joys and suffering in common, their labors and their riches, when all will belong to everyone.”

Marius Jacob, anarchist communist, member of the illegal proletarian group “Workers of the Night”

When one early-2007 day I received a call from an old friend, asking for my help to hide from the state watchdogs who were after him, I didn’t need to think twice to accept and unconditionally offered to help him. I was fully aware of the risks that came with my decision. For me, my solidarity with Vassilis Palaiokostas did not come from any illegalist fetishism worship, but fullfiled concrete elements of my antiauthoritarian vision.

Vassilis is flesh born of the flesh of the proletariat, having felt in his own flesh, since a teenager, the bosses’ terrorism and the capitalist exploitation, working as a wage slave in a factory. Quickly, both instinctly and consciously, he got armed and turned against the bosses and their watchdogs. No, Vassilis Palaiokostas is no “common thug”, neither just an “ex-con”, nor has he anything in common with what we call “organized crime”. He claims no part in that particular sector of the economy, of the “black” accumulation and illegal capitalism. His illegalism was never
targeted against his own class, as he did not belong to this paculiar civil war of delinquency, where the poor and oppressed rob other poor and oppressed. Even if one disagrees with one or another aspect of his activity, we have to admit that Vassilis Palaiokostas targeted exclusively the plutocrats and state authorities. He belongs to a long lasting rebellious tradition of our country’s popular culture, a tradition we can trace back to the Byzantine era, with the Bogomils, the Apelates etc, going through the Ottoman Empire with the Kleftes, the Hajdouks and Hainides, the post-Ottoman period has its own Listokratia: the reign of popular bandits, and the thieves-rebels joining the ELAS resistance etc), lasting to our days, demassified, by a handful of conscious proletarians.

Therefore for me, solidarity with Vassilis Palaiokostas is yet another stop on a never ending journey of class solidarity: with every exploited, to every oppressed regardless of nationality or gender. It is the same solidarity to the fired workers of Mylonas in Greece and to the striking oil workers of Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan, overturning trains, occupying and setting fires to the national independence celebrations. It is also solidarity to the willful strikers of the Greek Steel Industry and the unconquerable indians and proletarians of Peru resisting the plan Conga of the north american capitalist ore exploration. It is also solidarity to the Palestinian people and to our class brothers and sisters setting on fire the streets of Santiago and Oakland, London and Damascus, Rome, Tunis, Paris and Algiers. It is also solidarity to the wretched industrial workers in China and India, the weavers of Bangladesh and other modern dungeons around the planet. It is also solidarity to our brothers and sisters languishing in an African mine, a brazilian favella or in a ghetto in the USA, a Paris banlieue or a “third world” slum…

My solidarity to Vassilis Palaiokostas is the same solidarity to every proletarian who fights back.

Good luck, comrade.

Continuous struggle for the classless society, where everything will belong to everyone

Polykarpos Georgiadis
Kerkiras prison  [ Corfu ]





Text of the imprisoned comrade Polykarpos Georgiadis on counter-information

The following text is an extract from the brochure ‘A Text of, and Interview with comrade Polykarpos Georgiadis’ (Greek original). The brochure includes an interview with the imprisoned fighter Polykarpos Georgiadis from October 27th, 2010, that he gave for the radio program ‘Cries from the prison cells’ on the self-organized radio station 98 FM (Athens). It also includes a text written by the comrade – which we chose to translate – on the subject of counter-information, with references to the revolutionary movement and the roles of the different means employed.

An old truism states that ‘knowledge is power’. Indeed knowledge is interrelated with all levels of power: knowledge as power, knowledge as authority, but also knowledge as revolution. Pythagoreans were great researchers and worshipers of knowledge, but they kept the results of their research within the inner circle of their own authoritative elite. Any Pythagorean who attempted to socialize and spread knowledge was considered a betrayer and his murder was soon planned. The Pythagoreans realized that knowledge can constitute a special instrument of power: the people should remain the victims of ignorance and superstition, in order to remain impassive and easily manipulated. They had to be excluded from any source of knowledge and information. Access to these sources was the reserve of a closed set of clergy.

Even in Athens in its ‘Golden Age’, known for its great tolerance, pioneering philosophers were hounded and their books publicly burned. Take the case of Protagoras, who questioned god’s existence (through agnosticism rather than direct atheism). Also in the pre-Gutenberg era, the burning of books was equivalent to the rejection of knowledge; an act that was exploited to the utmost by medieval Christianity (Paulinism to be more accurate).

Millions of scientific and philosophical books were lost forever, especially the books of the dissenters (Epicurus, Cynics, Sophists, etc.) The Papal ‘Index Librorum Prohibitorum’ (Index of Prohibited Books) contains approximately eight million book titles including the work of Descartes, Kant, Kepler, Laibach and many more.

However, the bourgeois revolution, by identifying the free movement of goods with the free movement of ideas, released great forces of knowledge and freed it from the control of the clergy. The outbreak of productive forces generated by capitalism were accompanied by a knowledge explosion (and thereby an information explosion). Nevertheless, the more knowledge and information become accessible, the more such knowledge and information is diffused through and by intermediate and manipulative institutions: schools, universities, mass media, semi-professional web journalism, etc.

The appropriation and revolutionary use of knowledge (not only scientific knowledge, but also counter-information, the exchange of experiences, collective memory, revolutionary theory, even recreation) is one of the most important tools that the revolutionary movement has at its disposal. Such prolific movement-led infrastructures have a great role to play: through book publishing, manifestations, self-education processes, webpages, radio stations, etc. These mediums not only generate counter-information, neither are they merely part of a process of accumulating knowledge or self-knowledge. They form part of an entire network of mediums and infrastructures composing a practical social movement that disrupts the status quo, causing both material and mental rapture within the class society. The social revolution does not concern an indeterminate future; an end time prophecy. The revolution won’t come suddenly; neither will a classless society land on capitalism. The revolution consists of a real tendency that develops within and against the existing society. It’s a social force that undermines existing social relations. The revolution won’t start some day in the future. The revolution is already present, and has been for a long time now…

However, every medium is not a secret fetish, nor hierarchically ‘superior’ or ‘inferior’. It’s part of a unified organic totality; that of the overall revolutionary project. We have to avoid the logic of the division of work within the movement: The habitué of a hangout, the theoretician, the rioter, the pacifist, the gas-bomber, the squatter, the terrorist, the radiobroadcaster, the illegalist, the rhetorician of the assembly, the audience member of the assembly, the editor, the reader, etc. When these figures become separated, when the medium becomes centralized and the form triumphs over content, then capitalism prevails once again within us and alienation stays carved on the body and the spirit of the revolutionary movement. When the logic of fetishization prevails, when the medium surpasses the cause and becomes a role in itself, when experience is separated by theory, when the act ceases to be a part of the unity of thought and action, that is when an idealistic and dualistic separation emerges, disguised within a revolutionary context. Then the system is revealed once again inside us. The alienating and alienated specialization is born and that concerns ALL means of struggle (until today we only spoke about ‘the experts of violence’ since this issue preoccupied the theory experts…).

But, we have to recognize that the division of labour within the movement reflects, up to a point, the social division of labour: ‘This division exists in all spheres of our society; it also exists in the revolutionary movement. It would be too idealistic to expect that the revolutionary movement would be “pure” as if it is not a product of our society. Inevitably, the revolutionary movement in the capitalist system, i.e. communism, bears the stigma of capitalism. This stigma, through division, can only be destroyed by the overall success of the revolution. Until then, we should fight. That is what characterizes our movement as much as makes it distinct from the rest of society’ (Gilles Dauvé, ‘Eclipse and Re-emergence of The Communist Movement’, Kokkino Nima editions).

De-alienation is not a project that concerns just the rest of society, but not us the ‘illuminated’ revolutionaries. Nor it is a project that begins just after the social revolution. On the contrary; it is a continuous, evolutionary procedure (both individual and collective) that has already begun. But it cannot be totally realized unless a classless society emerges. We have to reflect upon de-alienation in a dialectic manner, as a project in progress, not in a metaphysical way, but as something that either exists or does not exist at all.

The alienation caused by today’s social relations and the project of revolutionary de-alienation will continue to battle inside us until the social relations change; until the regime of indispensability is extinguished by the regime of freedom, until the state, the slavery of salary and the privatization of the means of production are destroyed, until the re-appropriation of the conditions of our existence.

The struggle for de-alienation also includes the struggle against the fetishization of the medium: revolutionary holism places a conjunctive ‘and’ where division posed a disjunctive ‘or’. One medium penetrates the other, just like the past, present and future of the revolution feed each other through the interpenetration of revolutionary memory, the revolution at the present time (‘here and now’), and our historical purpose (that of a classless society). Any disruption of the medium, just like any disruption of spatio-temporal continuity, is pure metaphysics.

In this context we should examine all the means at the disposal of the revolutionary cause, including the ‘circulation’ of knowledge-information, such as through self-organized radio stations. We must examine them not as isolated ‘islands of freedom’ but as means that jointly create an underground anti-authoritarian culture and form communities of struggle, resistance and solidarity. They create an additional part of a wider social movement that realizes the negative task of the destruction of current social degradation, as much as the positive task of the formation of new social relations based on solidarity; in other words, the formation of the new world of anarcho-communism from the old world’s entrails. This is a complex co-evolutionary project that proceeds beyond any armed or unarmed, violent or peaceful, theoretical or practical fetishism. Revolution means the people, not the means. The people are the ones who realize the revolution, by making their history, by creating social relations that are competitive to the existing ones, by transforming their own-selves, environment and society, by destroying what destroys them. This is a dialectical process: armed AND unarmed, violent AND pacifist, theoretical AND practical…

Polykarpos Georgiadis
Corfu [Kerkyra] prisons


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Solidarity Poster for Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrisohoidis (greece)

did anyone speak of a
“…A handful of capitalists

have organized a criminal gang                                          

and have kidnapped the proletarians,
demanding for ransom
their labor force,
merchandising their human activity,
their time (which is turned into money),
their own being itself…”


to vaggelis Chrisohoidis and Polykarpos Georgiadis
who the persecuting authorities, exactly because they denied to betray values and people,
accuse them as participators in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas
anarchists from Serres from north-greece

Friday, February 25, 2011

letter from Polykarpos Georgiadis 21/2/11 (greece)

In August 2008, two comrade fighters are arrested for their complete support and their factual solidarity to the wanted fugitive Vasilis Paleokostas. Charges are attributed to them for participation in the kidnapping of industrialist Milonas. Since then they are in prison accepting the “crime” of solidarity and their reliable class conscience.
“Mentoza: I am robber, I live by stealing from the rich.
Tanner: I am robber, I live by stealing from the poor.
George Bernard Shaw
On Wednesday 9th of March, in the audience of the five-member court of appeals of Thessaloniki (3rd floor, room 360) will be carried out the trial of the capitalistic order, via the attorney of George Milonas son of Alexandros, president of the terrorist organization “Union of Industrialists of Northern Greece”.
The capitalists are accused of the followed criminal acts:
1)    1.  Constitution of criminal organization, i.e. the capitalistic order, aiming at to grab the labour force of the proletarians and the violent detachment of the surplus produce value.
2)    2.   Kidnapping jointly the proletariat and its incarceration to the galleys of wage slavery.
3)    3.   Blackmailing jointly aiming at the gain of the surplus value, under the spectrum of unemployment, misery and seediness.
4)    4.   Distinguished jointly theft of the social wealth.
5)    5.   Robbery jointly and repeatedly, under the form of the so called “white collar crime”.
6)    6.   Homicide jointly and repeatedly, whether in the form of martial imperialism for the opening (see. …..) of virgin markets and the theft of wealth-producing sources, or with starvation that is created by the structural economic violence of the existing way of production.
7)   7.    Possession of weapons, munitions and explosive materials and the issuing of these to their mercenaries of urban order (police, army etc).
8)    8.   Ethic perpetration in the acceptance of products of crime, forecasted by the so-called Memorandum: reductions of wages and pensions, flexibilization of labour relations, abolishment of the 13th wage, increase of the limit of redundancies etc.
9)   9.   Covering for criminals jointly: of the government of Papandreou and the mafia-like organization with the code name “Troika” (EU, ESF, I.M.F.). “
“Tyranny’s trial is Revolution”
Polykarpos Georgiadis
Kerkura Prisons 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vaggelis C.’s statement to the court (Palaiokostas’ case)


Vaggelis and Polys are two comrades sentenced in 23 years each, accused for offering shelter to the escapee bank robber Vassilis Palaiokostas, and participating in the kidnapping of the northern Greece industrialists’ president, G. Mylonas, for ransom. More on this case: General information. Vassilis’ letter to the media. An update of the comrades’ trial. Some flyers and posters from Vaggelis’ friends.

To begin with, I deny all accusations against me. I have nothing to do with any of them: abduction, extortion, criminal association, attempted murder, robberies. I will refer to my acquaintance with Vassilis Palaiokostas, if you let me say a few things.

So at last, it’s time to state who I really am and what I have done. Surely everyone is influenced by the media scum, denigrating my personality and offensing my family. I was labeled as a notorious thief, with a passion for money, a wealthy client of casinos and bouzoukia, while I have never laid my foot in such places. All that is known about me, is nothing I have ever said or done. Speculation dysanalogous to both reality and my ethos.
Of course, noone would speak of my real and unpleasant years of labour, working in a furniture factory since I was 14, having 2500 work-stamps), nor about the brutal every day life of such a life of work, not as a hobby of course, but only because I had no other way to make some money to buy even the very necessary things to be “socially approved”. Noone works for fun, even you I imagine, do not come here every morning to make prisoners out of people, but to make some money! Work though, comes with an issue of being the boss, the worker, the state official etc, to enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed everyday life. When it comes to me, being a worker, I’m obliged to sell my energy day by day to the boss, to be able to buy the basics and maybe a couple of beers, to keep me going to work every other day… to sell again, and buy again, from production to consumption, and there it goes… Our whole everyday life, all our life revolves around work: Since we can remember ourselves, going to school, to become good students to go after a rewarding carrier (nevermind the years lost in school-studies-homework-private preparative classes), to being a pensioneer, guaranteed by a pay-check, merely waiting to die with a full stomach. From 6am I wake up to go to work, to the afternoon I’ll go off to see my friends to try to find how the 8 hours passed, to the evening I ‘ll be back home to sleep early, in order to be able to wake up again for work the next day…
So, speaking with the friends, what I see is that not all workers care for a more dignified daily life, and may not even take some time to think on that, resting back on a robotic life: Leaving work, checking their kids school grades, washing the car, watching a move, and again from square one. Mold for that and so exhausted by work, they start to lack even the slightest amount of time for a few thoughts. Me for instance, it took me 8 years to move to another job, while I was aware of the risks, I had lost one tip of my finger, having suffered a dual disc herniation, rendering me unable to bend my waist for 6 months, being on medical treatment, that’s the same time some of the activities you accuse me of, happened. And after I saw my collegue, Spyros, with his brains spilled on the floor! I fell on my knees, I couldn’t stand it anymore… Now, most of the employees didn’t care if they were paid less than the basic salary, they don’t even have the courage to stand up for it. They don’t say no to working overtime, saying their no to unemployment, while in that same time they have just covered the work an unemployed worker could do, while they’re all leaving under the threat of being fired. So, they won’t even ask for some days off, insurance, safety measures!
I have seen all these, I have lived them and fought individually -unfortunatelly- against them, after my collegues indifference. When, for example, I suggested not to do any overtime work, until our boss gives us a raise, they regarded it as irrational, unproductive, something that will turn against us. But when I got my salary raised, with this tactic, they, instead of doing the same thing, confronted me with dislike, for not asking a raise for them too! This is part of a typical petit-bourgeois logic: let the others fight for me, I have a family to raise… The only time they actually congratulated me, was when I spoke about the lack of safety measures after our collegue’s death! And then again, trade-union leaders, former presidents of the wood industry syndicate, would take the bosses side, declaring that it was a “bad luck”!!! An accident waiting to happen: to die on work. Working to live… These last years we were aware that the syndicalists consider it’s necessary for us to sell our lives in exchange of survival, and having them to bargain on the price. We were aware that they use the trade unions as means to enter the main politics scene, and in the same time to infuse the party hierarchies among the workers. We were aware that the syndicalists never confront the capital and the bosses, so as not to give the “working class” some time to rest(?), since that might endanger their whole reason d’etre, and their livelihood. We were n’t aware though, that they consider it as merely bad luck to die on work! 14-25 tousands of deaths per year, 2 millions of handicapped, and 20-25 millions of injured, either from falls or explosions in the capitalist temples they construct, or slowly rotting of diseases, caused by the long exposure to harmful substances. Without counting all those ending up as alcoholics or suiciding after an economic collapse… All these are nothing but fatalities, bad luck, according to our syndicalists…
We can see here that work is not connected to a social good, but its pure aim solely the money. The only relation a worker can have with his work, is his salary, while the only relation a boss has with the same work, is the profit such a business brings. For me life is simply up to money, for other the “liberation” of business, for others laziness. The thing is that every boss puts normally “profits over people”, giving all priority to the production and leaving aside any workers rights. If some supposedly humain feelings would call them upon keeping some pretexts, they would give a basic salary of 1200 euros, as it is in the EU. They could even hire every willing man, to drop unemployment to 0, under a 4-5 hour working day… But when their workers are willing to strive for 10-12 hours a day, they have no reason to hire new stuff, because something like that is simply not in their interest, because they don;t care if you can handle it or if you ‘re exhausted to death. They ‘ll give you 650 a month, and they don’t care how you deal with it, if its enough for rent, food, or if you want to go on a trip to relax. From the moment money is unevenly split, it signifies dominion, power. As long as there is money, there is never going to be enough for all. And for some to gather enough to satisfy them, they have to exploit even the last moment of our strength. By the bell we start work, by the bell we have our break, by the bell we start again, by the bell we leave work. Time is money, and if we ‘re a little late, it’s the red card for us! They have historically replaced worker’s hands with a machine, because it’s cheaper, better, most of all faster. You can carry them to distant countries, with nearly free labor, since unemployment is flourishing. I ‘m not depressed when I’m unemployed, I have all the time in the world to enjoy my days, it saddens me that I have no money. When I work I got money but not time… That’s how the capitalist system works: you ‘re thrown in the mould, exhausted, murdered, while the rich get richer and the poor poorer! 8-10 hours a day, 40 hours a week, 300 days a year, 10.500 work-stamps, 65 years of age for minimum retirement limit, 650 euros per month… it can be mathematically defined as terrorism!
Thus, aware of all mentioned above, as a worker with consciousness and the desire to live before I die, I left this hard work and the struggles I gave in it and its salary, that was much larger than what I made as a graphic designer -my second job, without the risk of physical damage or fatal accidents, a more relaxed lifestyle, without having to use my car to go to work and lose my patience every 10 metres, with a better stamina in sex, with the hands not that damaged from all the scrapping and the cold, with cleaner clothes, and at last, without the need to wake up every morning brutally on 6 o’ clock. What’s important for me is time, time for recreation, for healing of my back… And these only after sacrificing the largest salary I earned at the factory. But we said: people over profits… Naturally, this job also has its negative side, as every one of them: increased myopia because of the computer for instance. Work and jow do not come together. If there was any joy in work, then we wouldn’t long for the time we get off. If there was any joy in work, the bosses would keep it for themselves.
Generally, it would by nice if there was no work, wage slavery, since as long as there is work, there will be some kind of slaves (like in the ancient Greece for example). On the one hand, speaking of the abolition of work is a long way to making it real, on the other though, speaking of a negation of work and sticking in solidarity to persons that strive for it, feels like a duty to me. Since I have some understanding of the everyday routine of work, it seems unimaginable not to negate it, or not to struggle to change it! Vassilis Palaiokostas has negated work ever since he tasted its goods, and he makes it through by robbing banks, always opposed to any form of exploitation, with dignity and respect to the human life, with a true passion for freedom. I hope it’s not necessary to get into the role of banks as lawful usury etc, to inquire who is the one using criminaly violence… the one who robes it, or the one who opens it? I don’t fetishize Vassilis Palaiokostas underground life in illegality, since for me it is a very limited kind of freedom, though the fact that the public opinion is scandalously in favor of him, is something to consider. It is worth mentioning that even a cop would prefer him than any kiosk robber, willing to kill for 200 euros, than any mugger, any drug dealer, or any crook… Under this context they told me in the police station that they hoped Palaiokostas was behind mr. Mylonas’ kidnapping, because thay did quite a few stupid things, that they hoped it was him, since he is a man that knows what he wants, and will have it without any casualties. That’s exactly what they said! And inspite of all these, they use criminalization as a means to isolate individuals they consider as a threat. An isolation that one way or another dominates on any sector of social life, rendering the struggle against isolation and for solidarity one of my basic aims! (we really need weapons and solidarity is a powerful weapon!) Moreover, I am an too emotional a person to ignore a human with such a freedom loving character. To my consciousness, not being in solidarity with him, I would erase myself both socially and as an individual. I wouldn’t be true to myself.
Even now, incarcerated for my choise, I understand that even what I did was not “right”, it was definitely human. Because, keeping people living in prisons, is nothing but human. The threats, the humiliations and the torture in prison, the unsanitary health conditions (toilets, cold baths, sleeping on the floor with 2 square meters per person, lack of heat, food that even the cats wont eat), all these under the pretext of “correction”! Furthermore, our punishment is not merely the deprival of freedom.. Besides, their inability to preserve the same penal code they impose is typical: drug dealing controlled by the prison authorities (since drug prices being 1000% than Omonoia square prices render it a very profitable enterprise). Also, lack of rehabilitation programs, of doctors and medication, all these constitute only some of the causes for our 377 prisoners found dead, during the last decade. Not to mention the deprival of intercourse with our partner -a biological need- which is the last blow of our isolation, after the dissolution of our families. So, I used to be joy, but now I’m sadness, I used to be logic but now I’m mad, I used to be a human, but now I’m a monster… this transformation is the last point of this isolation! 4 out of 5 ex-cons return to prison, with heaviest yet charges, before even their parole is over. Why? Because the bars have enslaved our minds and our thoughts, our hearts, our feelings. This is how it goes… from the reign of sadness to embrace death.
And now, trying to survive in this modern hell, with exercise, reading, some correspondance and work, what I try not to perish is my spontaneous character, my smile. A smile they made a big deal during my arrestation, something that didn’t fit into the persona manifactured by the mass media devoted enemies of truth, talking of cruel and maniac criminals… And since this collapsed, they turned to a rhetory of insensitiveness, as if we’re animals and don’t feel what’s going on around us… But, what could we do? All we tried was to give a bit of courage to parents and friends, a smile that doesn’t cost a thing, a smile that is wealth to whoever receives it, without making any other poorer. It lasts only for a moment, but its memory for ever. It’s something you can’t sell or buy, you can’t demand or steal, you can only give it as a present. And if someone is to tired to give one away, then I give them mine.
And one last thing, I would like to read a poem:

I have not loved the world, nor the world me;
I have not flattered its rank breath, nor bowed
To its idolatries a patient knee, –
Nor coined my cheek to smiles, nor cried aloud
In worship of an echo; in the crowd
They could not deem me one of such; I stood
Among them, but not of them; in a shroud
Of thoughts which were not their thoughts, and still could,
Had I not filed my mind, which thus itself subdued.

(Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage by Lord Byron, CXIII)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday 14th February 2010 * ‘Anarchist Saboteurs’ took the responsibility for blocking 63 cash-machines in Athens with glue, silicone and polyurethane foam on 11th and 12th of February. They express their solidarity with the comrades Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrysochoidis, accused for participating in the kidnapping of industrialist Mylonas. They condemn the state and the bosses as kidnappers, thieves and asassins who plunder the lives of people in daily time, imposing us as an one and only solution, the payed slavery.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interview with Polykarpos Georgiadis, blamed by Greek Authorities for participation in the industrialist Mylonas kidnapping.



Question: – In a letter of yours from inside the prison you have made clear that innocence and guiltiness is a fake separation, which has to make only with the legal arsenal of state. During the beginning of the trial your statement was that you deny the blames. Which exactly is your line of defense?

Answer: In the court I denied the indictment, accepting only the event that as an antiauthoritarian and friend I helped Palaiokostas to hide himself. Beyond this, the dipole innocence-guiltiness is a tool in the hands of burgoise legal thought and does not concider me. The Civil Law, in which is also contained this dipole, intends only for ensuring the operational conditions of the capitalists’ criminal class. If I would have been affirming either innocent or guilty it would be like accepting this framework. On the other hand, since 19th century the court is a public forum for the radical movement. I used this forum not only about the criminal aspect of the case, but also to defend my political choices.


Q: – Palaiokostas relievs you from any cooperation in the kidnapping of Mylonas. He returns the involvement of your in the case on your friendship. But from your side, you go one step further and advocate morally and ideologically his actions. Don’t you think that this way, you make things more difficult in your position?

A: – Morally and ideologically in solidarity with Palaiokostas’ actions is the whole of Greek population. Let us put all in prison! I would just like to remind the words of Rigas Feraios: “When the Authorities rape, fail, destroy the rights of people […] then, the revolution from people or a part of them, to grasp the weapons and punish the tyrrans is the most sacred of all the laws and the most essential of all his debts”.


Q: – What do you think about the attitude of Mylonas in front of you?

A: – I think that Mylonas or he is under confuse or his service is configured. He fell into numerous contradictions -such as, for example, the existence of an Albanian citizen in the kidnapping, who disappears as if by magic!. And reached the point to recognize me because of my ears! It was a breath of hilarity in the cop-occupied court room. Unlike, his wife was honest and refused to recognize us. This deposit was ignored -luckily happened?- by the urban mass media. I have expressed in public my opinion about Mylonas: weight against the planet and barrier of winds, like all the capitalists.


Q: – What is considered from you as a key element of the indictment against you?

A: – EKAM (higher special cop-army units) caught me in the act drinking raki and watching a movie of Monty Python together with Palaiokostas. Isn’t it enough? There is also a ridiculous ‘confession’ of a guy who gets self-defeating continually. And the ‘recognition’ by Mylonas who presents me as tall and thin with 1,90m height when in reality I am 1,75m tall!


Q: – The Queen’s Peace minister together with the mass media, talk about about interweaving between anarchist space and common criminals…

A: – In the great bazaar of policy, the inexpensive rhetoric are for nothing. The U.S.-traditional guard Bonaparte (the Queen’s Peace minister) is not an exception of this rule. As for the ‘crime’, it is a word which together with the magic wand of the dominant ideology joints uneven social phenomena with different origins and different directions. In most cases we can talk about a special civil war. Poor people steal other poor people. On the other hand, we have the accumulation of black money with crystal clear logic of capitalism. Not missing the conscious offenders of law, descendants of the ‘social banditry’, but they are few. The social bandity was rooted in the sense of community solidarity inside the traditional societies. Urbanization broke down this sense and replaced it with filotomarismos (individualism, being interested only in personal survival). The criminal delinquency is the inverted image of the class / hierarchical society. It does need the mirror to live. The revolutionary action is to break the mirror. Some common outward characteristics are meaningless to their diametrically opposite contents. Besides, this identification has a clear political objective to slander action of the antiauthoritarian movement.


Q: – Last year, large protests took place in prisons in the country, where you also participated together with other antiauthoritarian prisoners. A year later, nothing has changed?

A: – Lountemis used to say: “Fascism died and was reborn on paper to life”. Fascism of the 21st century is called person’s reformation through imprisoning. Almost nothing has changed since last year. The same miserable conditions, the same overpopulation, the same hyper-criminalization. Before any week, even, the ‘socialistic’ MAT (special pigs’ forces) were trained on the bodies of prisoners in Diavata jailhouse, so be prepared later to face the terrorists-protesters on the streets.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vassilis Palaiokostas letter to the media 2010 Ιανουαρίου 31 by Πρακτορείο Rioters

A translation of the letter sent to “Eleftherotipia” newspaper on the occasion of Polys (Polykarpos) Georgiades and Vaggelis Chrisohoides jury on 2/2 on the accusations of prividing refuge to a “criminal” and being part of his “criminal association”. Vassilis Palaiokostas is on the run, after his escape with a helicopter from Korydallos prison, on Feb. 22/2009, accused for robbing banks and kidnapping industrialists. It is worth to say, he has never harmed human life, not even cop lives to avoid an arrest. On the opposite, he and his older brother (a legendary bank robber and escapee, currently held in prison) are said to have helped many poor people and communities in mainland Greece’ mountains where they come from and are often said to find refuge at, continuing a tradition of “social robbery” that blossom around the Balkans since the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

“On the occasion of the upcoming jury on the kidnapping of the industrialist G. Mylonas, that begins on Tuesday February 2, I would like to clarify certain issues.

Through different periods of my life I have been a first line fugitive, nearly 12 years in total an escapee (I hope there’s more of that coming) and 8 years a prisoner.

All those years that I had been and even now that Iam still hunted by the official state, there wasn’t found even one snitch to deliver me to the hands of my prosecutors. Even though, during my first escape, in August 1991, there was also a large reward for that, from the -generous to snitches- Greek state. On the contrary, I met people with troth, honor in their words, and dignity. People that opened their door for me, provided cover and help, often without even minding the risk they took for themselves. People that helped me in hard times for me (as in a prison escape) endangering their own lives, people that prove that in this country there aren’t only resigned, submissive fellows, but also many (so many I am surprised) people that honor the traditions of honor and solidarity to the hunted. Pride people that despise snitching, servitude and the constable.

I publicly express my gratitude to all those remarkable persons for their valuable help and for giving me the joy of having met them.

Two of them are Vaggelis Chrisohoides and Polys Georgiades, each one of them stood by me in his own way, at the time I needed them, without expecting personal gains, but only acted upon their conscience.

Declaring my solidarity to this two young men, the state strangles everyday knowing their only “crime” was their solidarity to the hunted, I would expect to see for once the magnitude the Republic of Greece takes prides in. Because for its petiness, I consider myself more than competent to describe: It’s an Abyss.

I will say nothing more. I only adress to those that care to retain some pleas of justice and dignity. And everyone should do what his sense of honor and his conscience tells him to do.

On 4/14/09, afternoon around 20:00 while driving on the central coastal road of Alepohori, suddenly three cars blocked my way and another two stuck on the back of my own car. Among them was a black Audi A4, a Peugot Rally and an Opel Athens Taxi. Each one of them with three persons (15 in total), all in plain clothes. All of them got instantaneously out, pointing at me, the drivers with H&K MP5 sub-machine guns with double cartridge, nad the other with Glock and H&K U.S.P semi-automatic handguns. I instantly understood these armed mercenaries of the Greek state where on a prowl for blood.

This same moment on my right, through an invisible from the main road, alley, comes another car with the driver standing aghast and stopping on the crossroad with the main road. Without second though I turned the wheels right and let it rip. Slightly hitting the other car (given the alley could barely take my jeap), I got right in the alley without knowing where it gets to. From my initial speeding to getting 20-30 meters in the alley, bullets where dancing on my car’s cabin. Those guys opened fire with their machine guns and handguns aiming right at me (the only thing undamaged was my car’s tires).

From my μeasurable experience in intense conditions, I am more than certain that they shot more than 150 bullets in 15 seconds (the whole scene didn’t last any longer). Most probably, some of them also found the unwary civilian’s car, while he was inside it.

These unscrupulous, blind shooters of EL.AS [transl: the Greek police] where determined to carry out fully the order they had take from their natural and political leaders. Find and kill.

In this case, they can blame their bad luck, since luck is female and cares for the daring. [transl. see latin: “Fortuna Favet Fortubus”]

The reason I refer to this incident is to show the contemptible way the Mass Media report such cases. The car I was riding and left 100 meters from the scene, because the alley was a dead-end, was full of bullets. This fact was not reported and the car never appeared anywhere, it magically disappeared. Just like the other car (hit and possibly with bullet holes), together with its misfortunate owner, the only witness that actually took part in the scene, withous his will ofcourse, watching the whole thing from the begining to the end.

So, instead of inquiring all these important facts to show what exactly happened in that scene, the daring and ingenious reporters of the Greek Mass Media gathered inside the room I was living in, and in exclusive reporting were waving around my unwashed underpants, informing screaming of tension the weak, ignorant, speachless tv-viewer.

This fact reveals clearly the “journalist community’s” compliance to keep silent, essentialy consenting to the criminal activity of EL.AS’ desperados and their head responsibles, in full cooperation with them. “We will allow you to enter the house for an exclusive report, but you ‘ll keep your mouth shut about everything else”. Such was the filthy deal between the two sides. The media would get their money, since underpants worth more in their stockmarket of values than the life of their owner. As long as he is “notorious”. And finally, who cares about how the police acts? If the police and their leadership believe a man just because he is wanted is to be killed, why should we disagree? Whenever we [the Media] needed some information, the police’s head officer provided it -they actually brag about it-. While, the hunted man has no phone. And even if he has one, it will be turned off or without a signal.

This is the way our daring and independant journalists think.

My congratulations, the future belongs to you. May I suggest the two organizations, police and media, could even integrate in own, for functional reasons. It’s both innovative and carries many advantages. Then, it won’t be for nothing that you elected a police correspondent as president of ESIEA (journalists-editors union).

If these ingenious reporters, with the same eagerness the show on mine and not only, underpants, cared to carry a constant control, denouncing to the Greek citizens that:

* 13.000 humans are in a state of captivity (under the pretext of illegality), living a total exploitation of themselves and their families, from the official state. That after passing the symplegades [transl: mythical deadly clashing rock of the argonaut campain] of a corrupt police and an even worst justice system, end up with heavy penalties in medieval conditions, by which this rotten system strives to control and then annihilate whatever dares to make a mockery of it.

* The armed guardians of the Greek state killing in cold-blood citizens (preferably the young) in the middle of the street, in front of the citizen’s own eyes. Humiliating and torturing to death people in the police stations. Setting up wilfully indictments sending “guilty” humans in jail for years. Setting a whole network of criminal activities not controlled by anyone.

* If they really cared to exercise some control over the modern Pirates of the political system, that helped by the gimmickery of the election system and the blessings of the Mass Media take over the Parliament, turning it into the headquarters of full domination on their voters citizens. Into a nest of intertwining interests, dealing transactions, bribes. Into a “terrorist hideout” where the loots from pillaging are divided around. A loot every citizen dares to question, becoming an obstacle in their plans will feel upon him the brutal democratic violence of a blood-thirsty repressive organization. He will feel the revengefulness, the revanchism, and the deep hatred the Greek state has for all those that rejected the status of an obidient citizen that understand his personal liberty as a necessity to do what he’s told to, but remain human with free will and claim an opinion on what’s going on around them with their own actions.

* If they revealed the great responsibility of this criminal organization for the establishment of a police state in Greece, through which they exercise an unbearable psychological violence to the citizen with hundreds of road blocks with cops armed-to-the-teeth with “survivor”-style weaponry, and the same menacing, numb look they had back in the junta days. The thousands of policemen one faces wherever he turns the eye (not to count the undercover ones). The dozens of head-hunters that prowl the mountains acting on their own taste, reminding of the begining of the 20th century, though with a modern name.

* If they denounce these and innumerable other things that de facto cancel the “social state” and “justice state” notions, as their role supposes, then today’s regime, they eagerly guard and name democracy, would be incomparably more humain, qualitative, and certainly more just.

You ‘d now say I am not the most adequate person to give recommendations, even less for matters of the regime.

That’s correct. In the place democracy was born, they can do whatever with her, even burry her if they wish so. It’s a good thing to die where in the place you where born. But, they shouldn’t go hard to the kids when they throw stones to her. They see her old and rotten, it’s stones she’s gonna get.

These insticts are primitive, though inerrable.

Because the kids are more honest and upstanding than the grown-ups.

Nobody would want to grow up just to find a dead body in the closed his parents have been hiding there to eat of her pension. They desire something more than a body in formol, and be sure they ‘re gonna get it, no matter how many dreads you put in their street.

On what concerns me, it is my absolute belief and surely of thousands others conscious people, that the damage caused to the social body by one shiny tv-presenter in one and only news bulletin (preferably the 8 o’ clock one), I can’t make it, even if they give me 10 lives to spare.

What’s the damage my drop-fire gun [transl. use of an old term for light arm guns of the mountain thieves and left-wing insurgents in Greece]. I have never turned it to an other human, much less to an other human’s mind.

Now, why am I with this drop-fire the prosecuted one that risks his life by any enraged death-squad, and those with their lucrative superweapons degenerate and devitalise the spirit of a whole people, leading them to mental necrosis, become my judges and my hunters, is my question too.

On second thoughts maybe the law on weapons should change. Whoever holds a fire-drop gun should be prosecuted for a capital offence!!!

Now, since it’s the first time I intervene with a public statement, I wouldn’t want it to end in a dispiriting way. So, let me add an allegoric enigma-quiz, I find it won’t trouble you much to solve.

What is the name, of a deputy sheriff of some mountainous and remote village of Utah, USA, overjoyed to his award winning by the FBI, for heroically and always risking his life arrested and gave to justice some dangerous elements to the order of his village? Who, apart of that precious award, also fed the ambition to have his triumphous achievement turn into a big Hollywood move, with George Clooney acting as him, something that pissed off his american patrons so that they exiled him, reducing him to the ranks of minister of “Citizens Protection” of some independent Balkan state. Who, to my exclusive information keeps fantacising about and anxiously sweeping for new “troublemakers”!

To make it even easier for you, I can also add some of his favorite words: Democracy, Revolutionary Fund, Ghetto, Communicating Vessels, Destabilization, Zero Tolerance, Organized Crime, They will be arrested and prosevuted.

He is also a devoted fan of snitching and loves “rats” and his hobbies include setting prices for the heads of wanted.

Keeping in mind though, that one of his many qualities is revanchism, I come to clarify that any similarity to real person or events is totally unintended.

Every police reporter that solves the quiz, enters a lottary for an exclusive interview.

My militant regards to all those that don’t surrender the weapons the chose to fight with, for the life they dream of.

PS. Some oil guys, they do rust.”

Vassilis Palaiokostas

by RADIO-REVOLT 3:15 pm, Friday, February 5, 2010
Today at 10:30 began the trial of the case to court Milonas, Thessaloniki. greeceThe first person that gave a testimony was the cop in charge of the mission for the freedom of mulonas. he mentioned that theguns that the guys are charged with had tracking devises, also he said that there was a bag that was found with somepremarked notes and a photo of polis,thats how they realized he was in on it. he also mentioned a fake id card that was used bypolis at a videoclub but they are not sure if palaiokostas made it or no. now, as for the new modern methods of voicerecognition of the greek “csi”, as the same cop mentioned,they compared the color of the kidnappers voice with the voices of

the 2 comrades which he confirmed 100% with his ear !…
as he finished he mentioned that in the exchange car there were 3 people,and judging from their voices it was 2 greeks and a

foreigner,most probably albanian.
after that a second cop gave his testimony and after heavy pressure from the lawyers of the comrades admitted he has never

actually heard the tapes from the phonecalls but superiors told him that the voices are of polis and vaggelis as a rumor which

then became his official statement. also he mentioned that the house in perea that the money was found,was rented from polis

with a fake id.
after that, akrivopoulos the lawer of milwnas gave his testimony,he mentioned that in a phone call with one of the two

kidnappers, he said that he gives his word of honor that as soon as he gets the money they will release milwnas.
he also added that he doesnt recognise polis or vaggelis voice from the phone calls.
and in the end he showed a piece of paper that proves that theres a fingerprint of one of the comrades on a….tupper!
at the end of the court session today a third cop who entered the house in perea,talked about the guns and fake ids they

supposedely found there.
the court resumes on tuesday feb. 9th at 9.30 am at thessaloniki courts.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

S partners have kept up.
You have just said that WHERE TO ‘YES bear rather the POLYKARPOU Georgiadis and Vangelis Chrysohoides.
ALSO SAID THAT been erected on the steps COPS AHEAD.
The trial has begum a half hour before I was informed that pulled out the half because the world stood up and applauded whenhe entered and the first accused and the judge threatened Posh arest them all if not .. go and fighting with cops outside ..postponement for tomorrow took the trial. Tomorrow in 9.00 important is that were removed by the room of court 10 comradesafterwards by claping when was heard the name of Vangelis [chrisochoidi] these for today FREEDOM TO ALL IN THEPRISONS!!
Tuesday, 02 February 2010
Starts in Thessaloniki trial for kidnapping MylonasDisappeared remains Vas.Palaiokostas.It starts today, Tuesday, the Three-Member Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki felonies, the trial for the kidnapping of industrialist Giorgos Mylonas, June 2008.
The dock will sit down … ten of the 11 defendants, including the main protagonist of the case, Vassilis Palaiokostas, remains at large after his escape from prison Korydallos, a year ago.
For the case will be tried on remand Vangelis Chrisochoïdis, Polycarp Georgiadis and Asimakis Lazaridis and seven other people face charges for seven felonies and 17 misdemeanors, as appropriate.
The former president of FING abducted in June 2008 and the hostage-taking lasted for 15 days.
G. Mylonas was released after paying ransom amounting to 10.8 million. So far have found only 5 million.
Please note that the case was heard 18 days before the expiry of 18 months provided for the detention of the accused.

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Incendiary series – Freedom to P.Georgiades-V.Chrysohoides-Groups of diffusion of class hatredOn 2nd of February Polycarpos Georgiades and Vangelis Chrysochoides are sitting on trial as defendants for participation in the kidnapping of the grandindustrialist Milonas in Thessaloniki. The comrades deny the police charges. What they are defending is their choice to stand in solidarity to Vasilis Palaeokostas, to an undisciplined and chased person that many doors in cities and villages would open in order to provide refuge and to house him.

The comrades acted based on value and politically reliably with their personal ways in the paths of refusals and fights. Who is criminal and who is not will not be indicated to us by the penal legislation. This exists in order to safeguard the wealth and the power and does not hesitate to criminalize even the personal acquaintances or behaviors that should be obvious. Who is criminal and who is not is judged by what one recognizes as his interests and by his value code, it is judged by his place and by his choices into the social relations. And as long as oppression and exploitation exist, these are competitive relations, belligerent relations.

In this war, the social and class war, no fighter is alone. Even though the forms of refusals and fights for the freedom are many and different, they are always found on the same side of the barricades. There is a line that connects them, they shared the same goal. The expression of solidarity means the recognition of this line, means the establishment of a real relation in between them, means the proliferation of their dynamics.

Expressing our solidarity and sending our warm greetings to the two comrades that are sitting on trial, we claim the responsibility for the incendiary attacks that took place from 28/1 to 31/1:
-two vehicles on UN in Nea Smyrni
-local organization of ND in Ano Nea Smyrni
-vehicle of General Electric in Zografou
-vehicle of the embassy of Georgia in Neo Psychiko
-vehicle of the ministry of international affairs in Chalandri
-central exposition store of Alumil (company that belongs to Mylonas) in Glyfada
-building of the 18th tax office in Neos Kosmos
-luxurious jeep in Kifisia
-luxurious car in Kalamaria in Thessaloniki
-bank in Kalamaria in Thessaloniki.

In this war, no enemy slips from our scorn and rage. Each Mionas, each industrialist, ship-owner or banker, each boss, owe his generous, conceited and socially detrimental existence to the daily kidnapping and captivity of our life in the labor prisons and the consuming mental hospitals. He owes it to the double and triple pillage of immigrants. He owes it to the continuous flow of blood of dead workers in the areas of exploitation. And they are indebted, they and their whole gang that serves the perpetuation of this situation, from the government officials up to the praetorians and journalists and from the unionists up to intellectuals and all kinds of favoured men.

At least nowadays no one can ruminate easily the fairy tales about social peace. The revolt of December is not forgotten easily and moreover the crisis makes more and more evident the reality of class segregation and exploitation. To the sacks from jobs, the expensiveness and the debts that are already for many a difficult everyday routine, are added now the repeated announcements for new taxes and reductions in wage and pensions. Only a small start of what the bosses study and plan in order to ensure their profits. And the based on the repugnant national ideology arguments for the interest of the country may be activated in order to retain a consent, but soon the prosecutors and the cops will be those that the bosses will need more and more.

If they make programs of stability and growth, we are not to ask simply less hard terms of pillage. Repeatedly this has been proven as a delusion. We premise the movement for the destabilization of the capitalistic system and the destruction of power. The movement that is born by each one of us, when he/she gets selforganized and counters attacks by the ways that he/she selects. The movement that expands as we meet more in the streets, the place where life finds its real meaning. The old world produces infelicity. The old world will be swept.


Groups of diffusion of class hatred


On the 16th of April 2004, plain-clothes cops arrest P. Georgiadis in a street in Thessaloniki and take him to the city’s police headquarters. After detaining him for hours, the media triumphantly present a police scenario about “a bomber having been arrested red-handed”. In the beginning, they present P. Georgiadis as the perpetrator of an unclear number of arsons that have taken place in the city… Finally, they end up accusing him of one “arson attempt” against a car, belonging to a private security company, which was parked in the street where he was arrested.

Denying all charges, he states that as an anarchist he was for long a police target. Even the cops who arrested him admit they knew him because of his anarchist activity. Georgiadis also stresses that passing from the place where he was arrested was part of his daily routine, something that the cops following him knew very well.

His arrest is the result of the desperate and futile effort of the police to solve the case of a series of arsons. Thus, the scenario fabricated contains everything that would help the police restore its prestige: incrimination for any unresolved case and conflicting reports about him having accomplices, so that the cops can claim they have achieved the “neutralization of a whole organization”. The latter leads in raids in houses of comrades and friends of Georgiadis. For the same reason, the scenario soon starts to collapse. The jabber about the “accomplices” will be eventually abandoned, along with the attempts to blame Georgiadis for the …dozens of actions the police was speaking about in the first place. In the end, even for the one accusation remaining, the cops who say they caught him in the moment of action are unable to present the incendiary device that would be supposedly used for the arson. With these fabricated charges, Georgiadis was sent to jail on April 20 and now he is in Koridallos prison of Athens.

His persecution is part of the state’s attack against society and specifically against those who resist, with any way they choose, the projects for the imposition of the modernized dictatorship of control and repression, exploitation and alienation.

Using the olympic games as a pretext and the doctrine of security as a spearhead, the state intensifies this attack, trying to extort the society’s consent and eliminate any social resistance. After all, the submission of society, the breakdown and the isolation of any voice and action of resistance are the most imperative aspirations of Authority. And any success in that level would be the darkest heritage of the olympic games.

Against state terrorism and the fabrication of social consent, we oppose solidarity, being aware that what the state wants when persecuting one militant is not having to deal with all of us.



Open Assembly of Anarchists-Antiauthoritarians

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Letter from vasilis Paleokosta in Eleftherotypia greek news paper in athens

First registration: Saturday, January 30, 2010, 18:58

In a letter to “stream” the newspaper “Sunday Eleftherotypia, Vassilis Palaiokostas gives his version of the chase took place in Alepochori last April, nearly two months after his escape from prison of Korydallos helicopter.

Vassilis Palaiokostas in his letter, refers to “physical extermination plan” from ΕΛ.ΑΣ and stresses that the police opened fire in Alepochori, throwing more than 150 bullets in order to kill him.

She blames the way the media (especially electronic) covered the event, the transaction ΕΛ.ΑΣ and made extensive reference to the unacceptable conditions of detention 13,000 prisoners. Also deplores the police violence and arbitrary killings and unjust convictions, and particularly young people.

At the end of his letter, Vassilis Palaiokostas gives a quiz for the Secretary of Citizen Protection, Michael Chrysohoides describing the inter-alia, as “deputy sheriff of a mountain village” and “passionate believer who loves the katadotismou informers and bounty ‘ while referring to the journalists say about the quiz: “Police officers who reported the find to enter the draw for an exclusive interview.

Below the signature and fingerprint by Vasilis Paleokosta.
Saturday, January 30, 2010

GREECE’S most wanted man has been arrested and linked to the kidnapping of a prominent industrialist, prompting a double celebration for police.

Vassilis Palaiokostas was nabbed in northern Greece this week, two years after his audacious prison escape in a hijacked helicopter.

He has been unveiled as the mastermind behind the kidnapping of multi-millionaire businessman George Mylonas, a crime that has ultimately brought him undone.

“We arrested Greece’s most wanted fugitive last night. Evidence shows he is also involved in Greek businessman George Mylonas’s kidnapping,” a police official confirmed.

Police finally caught up with the escapee after raiding a house in Salonica in connection to the abduction of Mr Mylonas.

Three hooded men had snatched Mr Mylonas, 49, as he drove to his home in the same city in June.

He was released unharmed 13 days later, after his family paid a reported $19 million ransom.

Investigators tracked down his kidnappers after one of the men used traceable bills to buy a car.

The arrest has ended a remarkable chapter in the country’s criminal history.

Palaiokostas, 44, and his brother, Nikos, 47, are lifelong criminals with a penchant for armed robbery and extortion who are regarded as Robin Hood figures.

Helping to curry favour during years on the run, they had shared some of their ill-gotten gains with the poor.

In 2006, Vassilis Palaiokostas was languishing behind bars in the maximum-security Korydallos Prison, located outside Athens and home to 2000 of the country’s most dangerous prisoners.

He was serving a 25-year sentence for bank robbery and for kidnapping the owner of a factory that made halva, the Greek dessert.

The businessman in that case was released unharmed after the payment of a $2 million ransom, laying the foundations for Mr Mylonas’s kidnapping and a much larger payout.

In an episode ripped from the script of a Hollywood blockbuster, his brother and an accomplice hijacked a sight-seeing helicopter and forced the pilot to land inside the prison.

Vassilis and another inmate boarded the helicopter as his brother threw smoke grenades to provide cover. Confused guards initially believed they were undergoing a surprise inspection and then declined to fire a shot in anger.

“We cannot shoot down a helicopter flying over busy streets and houses,” one guard explained.

Under threat from a pistol and grenade, the terrified pilot dropped the group at a nearby cemetery, where witnesses saw them flee on waiting motorbikes.

Vassilis’s brother, Nikos, knew the prison inside out – he had broken out of Korydallos in 1990 and was still on the run 16 years later.

Nikos had originally been jailed for a series of bank robberies but was also charged in absentia with the same kidnapping as his brother.

He was captured soon after breaking his brother out of prison.

Police nabbed him after a dramatic car chase through the mountains of central Greece, and he is serving an 87-year sentence.

Although he had a stash of weapons on him when arrested, Nikos was no killer and had to be caught without the aid of informers, with a million-dollar reward going unclaimed.

Vassilis remained on the run until police investigating Mr Mylonas’s kidnapping hunted him down this week.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vassilis Palaiokostas nabbed after prison escape

GREECE’S most wanted man has been arrested and linked to the kidnapping of a prominent industrialist, prompting a double celebration for police.

Vassilis Palaiokostas was nabbed in northern Greece this week, two years after his audacious prison escape in a hijacked helicopter.

He has been unveiled as the mastermind behind the kidnapping of multi-millionaire businessman George Mylonas, a crime that has ultimately brought him undone.

“We arrested Greece’s most wanted fugitive last night. Evidence shows he is also involved in Greek businessman George Mylonas’s kidnapping,” a police official confirmed.

Police finally caught up with the escapee after raiding a house in Salonica in connection to the abduction of Mr Mylonas.

Three hooded men had snatched Mr Mylonas, 49, as he drove to his home in the same city in June.

He was released unharmed 13 days later, after his family paid a reported $19 million ransom.

Investigators tracked down his kidnappers after one of the men used traceable bills to buy a car.

The arrest has ended a remarkable chapter in the country’s criminal history.

Palaiokostas, 44, and his brother, Nikos, 47, are lifelong criminals with a penchant for armed robbery and extortion who are regarded as Robin Hood figures.

Helping to curry favour during years on the run, they had shared some of their ill-gotten gains with the poor.

In 2006, Vassilis Palaiokostas was languishing behind bars in the maximum-security Korydallos Prison, located outside Athens and home to 2000 of the country’s most dangerous prisoners.

He was serving a 25-year sentence for bank robbery and for kidnapping the owner of a factory that made halva, the Greek dessert.

The businessman in that case was released unharmed after the payment of a $2 million ransom, laying the foundations for Mr Mylonas’s kidnapping and a much larger payout.

In an episode ripped from the script of a Hollywood blockbuster, his brother and an accomplice hijacked a sight-seeing helicopter and forced the pilot to land inside the prison.

Vassilis and another inmate boarded the helicopter as his brother threw smoke grenades to provide cover. Confused guards initially believed they were undergoing a surprise inspection and then declined to fire a shot in anger.

“We cannot shoot down a helicopter flying over busy streets and houses,” one guard explained.

Under threat from a pistol and grenade, the terrified pilot dropped the group at a nearby cemetery, where witnesses saw them flee on waiting motorbikes.

Vassilis’s brother, Nikos, knew the prison inside out – he had broken out of Korydallos in 1990 and was still on the run 16 years later.

Nikos had originally been jailed for a series of bank robberies but was also charged in absentia with the same kidnapping as his brother.

He was captured soon after breaking his brother out of prison.

Police nabbed him after a dramatic car chase through the mountains of central Greece, and he is serving an 87-year sentence.

Although he had a stash of weapons on him when arrested, Nikos was no killer and had to be caught without the aid of informers, with a million-dollar reward going unclaimed.

Vassilis remained on the run until police investigating Mr Mylonas’s kidnapping hunted him down this week.

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Reading on 16/10/2009 and by agreeing wholeheartedly with the Declaration of the Founding L.T.K. we decided to contribute to

charitable and so useful social work, setting fire to four luxury cars.

Concepts such as class revenge and class hatred in the text of the Club, we agree wholeheartedly with the same angry and so

against the specific symbols of wealth and against their owners.

The luxury cars are a demonstration of wealth and is often the result of labor exploitation. Even though this is not leaving us

icily indifferent as these owners are trying to go the opposite camp, the dream is to anelichthoun class showing the opulence or

having the financial ability or not …

So we decided to decentralize and to visit the north and south proastia.Na to get yards, to cross the streets set fire to their

symbols of wealth and chlidis.Oi options have been apeires.Oi concrete were less fortunate …

So we hit on Wednesday January 13

1) A JAGUAR in Paleo Faliro

2) A CHEROKEE MERCEDES in a Heliopolis

3) A PORSCHE CAYENNE in Kifissia

Our goal is to attack the private wealth. Our goal is the generalized class war. We do not forget their comrades who chose this

path in any cost. Our solidarity with the Polykarpos Georgiadis Chrysocho’i’di Vangelis, who standing trial on February 2 for the

Mylonas abduction case, and give solidarity Paleokosta nikos escape with helicopter from prison!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009



Polykarpos (Polys) Georgiadis (on the left in the photo) is a comrade currently found in Korydallos’ prison, for allegedly participating in a kidnap organized by V. Paleokostas, a Greek outlaw, probably known for his escaping twice from Korydallos prison with a helicopter. Polys is also active in the revolutionary movement, publicing a zine in Greek called “Asymmetrical Threat”, and other publications concerning mainly the matters of working class history, the question of work, illegalism and urban sabotage. There will be an effort to translate some of his works in english sometime in the near future, on this site. Vaggelis H. (on the right in the photo) is another comrade also accused under the same allegations and kept in pre-trial imprisonment. Here we are going to provide some information mainly on Polys, since it is Vaggelis’ choice not to be part of a discussion in any media.



Following is a brief report on our comrades’ case fro ABC Salonica:

On 20th of august 4 people got arrested in Greece on the accusation kidnapping with a large ransom being paid. The people arrested are Polikarpos Georgiadis, Vasilis Palaiokostas, Vagelis Hrisohoides and one other, of whom the rest of the group has taken distance from because of his behaviour. On the 21st 4 other people got arrested for also playing a smaller role in the kidnapping. The person being kidnapped some months ago concerns the president of the union for heavy industry owners (employers syndicate) Georgos Mylonas, who not long ago caused some fuss over his sayings about working harder and longer in the factories. He was released after sum of 10 million euro’s was paid, arranged by his wife. Media and police claim this money was meant for freeing Vasilis’ brother from prison; Nikos Palaiokostas. Pictures in the bourgeois press show the large variety of ammunition, Kalashnikovs, an RPG, explosive devices, bulletproof vests and fire brigade uniforms that were found at the arrest. Stories of the amount of money being found back change every day. Police says that a big part of the coupons were marked and at about 150 different places they found them back.

The history and traditions of Vagelis, Vasilis and Polikarpos in this case, but also of many other strikes against the exploitation and slavery of people, is important for the context of this kidnapping and social rebellion in general reality. Polikarpos and Vagelis are dear comrades in the anarchist scene since many years and have been very active. Polikarpos was sent to prison before on the 16th of April 2004, accused for attempted arson with an ignitable device against the vehicle of a private security company. The police tried to charge him with attempted arson and the possession of explosive devices, but could not proof anything. He stayed in pre-detention for one year and was found guilty anyway. He got out for having served already the one year prison sentence he finally got. During his time in prison he got to know Vasilis Palaiokostas. The bourgeois media accused him a the time of being a bank robber as well, and from this point of view it fits them well to claim these days that Vasilis had “selected Polikarpos for a conspiracy in setting his brother, Nikos, free from prison”. These two brothers are well known “legends” in the country for decades.

Since the fall of the Ottoman empire in 1821 Greece knows a very popular and great tradition of social and class robberies, as a respond to poverty and exploitation. These people would take back the money of the rich, the authorities, the exploiters, and usually hide in villages, with the help of the people; they would refuse to help the police and protect them from the authorities. The rebels always had strong connections with the people and provided for their communities for instance in forms of financial support for education, medication and protection on their turn from the police. In this reality, the two brothers Vasilis and Nikos, and still many others, who grew up in a very poor family, couldn’t take any longer the exploitation and slavery of themselves as well as of the people around them in this society, and thus have been living their lives as social rebels for the last 30 years. They made tens of bank robberies, car thefts and escapes from prison, but never had fancy clothes, drove expensive cars or lived in luxury houses. Indeed have once thrown the money back on the floor of the bank, because that little amount wasn’t what they needed. Everything was always send to where it was needed and shared with the people who protected them, hided them and still won’t say a word to the police about their comrades. During all these years they’ve been underground, while being traced by the police from time to time as well, either resulting in a successful escape by stolen cars, or unfortunate prison time. Always escaped from it however, with the loving and spectacular help of the other brother.

Throughout the 80’s they did many robberies, until Nikos ended up in prison in 1988, but was released from it by his brother only a few days later, by throwing a rope over the wall of the prison outside. Two years later, in February 1990 he was arrested again. One month later Vasilis was unluckily caught with a friend, while trying to rescue his brother. This was supposedly the first time they were both in prison at the same time. In December 1990 though, Nikos escapes from Korydallos prison in Athens after a huge uprising in the prison, cops have then been looking for him for the next 16 years, until they caught him by accident when he was in a car crash in 2006. He has not been out ever since. In 1991 Vasilis manages to escape from Halkida prison. In 1992 he robs a bank. In 1995 they rob a bank together in Athens. In December 1995 they’re being accused of having kidnapped the president of a “halvas” factory, Haitoglou. They supposedly let him go after four days and 750.000 euro’s ransom. The minister of public order send out a warrant, on tv, radio and posters, with their picture and a reward of also exactly 750.000 euro’s. In 1996 Vasilis was traced by the cops in Korfu, but managed to escape from them by taking a car. Two years later the same situation appeared in Yanitsa, and again in May 1999. In 2003 Nikos makes a spectacular escape with a helicopter. In 2006 Nikos robbed a bank in Veria by bicycle and got away because the masses of police out there were completely preoccupied with the protection president visiting the streets of Veria at that very moment. In September of that year he had the car accident and got locked up again after many years of living on the run and in hiding.

The police found out about the identity and whereabouts of the group because the fourth men, was spending large sums of cash money on luxury cars in Crete. Also because Georgos Mylonas had stated to the police that during his kidnapping he had heard airplanes flying over very frequently. With the arrest of the man in Crete they found out he rented a house in Souroti, a quiet area near Thessaloniki, close to the airport. Police claims that with 14 special force cops, and 10 civil cops (it’s very likely there were way more), they surrounded the house in Souroti. Both Vasilis and Polikarpos were arrested there, where they had also kept Mylonas and the artillery.

On the 22nd of August they’ve all been brought to the prosecutor, who gave them 3 days to prepare the defense, and will decide over the continuing of their pre-trial detention. they face 9 charges (3 felonies, 6 misdemeanors). After the trial he was dragged by two big elite troop cops to the press, eager to take a picture of Greece’s most wanted, and proudly showed them what they caught; the nightmare of every system that imposes law, control and punishment on the people.

Today on the 25th of august Vasilis Palaiokostas was brought to pre-trial court, where where was decided he will go to prison indeed until the real trial.
About 25 solidarious people had gathered around the court house between 9:30 and 10:00 to show their warm feelings to Palaiokostas and their anger against the system he has been sabotaging so fierce and rebellious for the last decades, but has now captured him for to burry in their rotten dungeons.
He defended himself, even though a lawyer was there for him, but not present in the courtroom.
after about 3 hours he was taken out through the back entrance, with lost of ‘Ekami’ (special elite forces) around him and bourgeois press jumping on him. The people in solidarity couldn’t come any closer then about 200 m. due to an aggressive line up from different kinds of police, but shouted many slogans, which he certainly must have heard.
Someof these slogans (translated):

-”Cops, Pigs, Murderers!”
-”The passion for freedom is stronger then all prisons!”
-”Politicians, Industrialists, Kapitalistst; Hangings and kidnaps are coming!”
-”Hate, Hate, Hate, Class-hate,
Kicks and punches to every employer!”
Until now, nothing is known what was said in the court by either Palaiokostas, or the judges.
We will be back tomorrow morning for the trial of Vagelis and Polikarpos.

-Freedom lives when the state dies-


1st letter from Polys:


“The proletariat of the industrial countries has completely lost the affirmation of its autonomous perspective and also, in the last analysis, its illusions, but not its being. It has not been suppressed. It remains irreducibly in existence within the intensified alienation of modern capitalism: it is the immense majority of workers who have lost all power over the use of their lives and who,once they know this,redefine themselves as the proletariat, as negation at work within this society”.
Guy Debord

Since the nineties different people who’ve expressed themselves about postmodern typology wearing a different mask every time (sometimes of the neo-liberal, sometimes of the “middle political scene”, sometimes of the social democrats, sometimes of the ideologists of tepidity and confused multi cultural neo-leftism that mixes everything up, and sometimes the mask of the “anti authoritarian” new-hippie lifestyle ) ruminate/brag about the ideology of the end of history: there is no more proletariat, there is no class war, we can at last without fear head towards the Paradise of Market, where honey and milk flow abundantly. And hamburgers and ketchup too…

Unfortunately for the apologists of legality, the facts are stubborn: a handful of capitalists has organized a criminal gang and kidnapped proletarians demanding for ransoms, their working power, the commercialization of human activity, their time (that transforms into money), even their whole existence. Wage slavery is a permanent crime against human dignity. It’s not just because of the usual ‘casualties’ of work “accidents” of class war. It’s not just because of the dead, wounded and amputated people of the work “accidents”, but also because of the diseases related to the working environment and space. It’s not just because of the strawberry fields, that show us we’ve never escaped the time of slavery. It’s not just because of the sacrificed workers (locals and immigrants, “expensive and cheap” labor hands) at the altar of every “American dream” or “Greek miracle”.
It is the existence itself of waged work that constitutes the permanent crime! And the criminals, the kidnappers and the blackmailers are all the Mylonas. Even if the rats of the media present the leader of thieves Mylonas (the boss of the gang for common thieves of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece) as an “innocent” victim, as a misunderstood neo-liberal Christian child, as a pain resistant worker, who efforts night and day for the common good.
As for the illusionist tricks that different vampires like Mylonas invent to show their “human face” (for example green capitalism, socialised industry, etc.), only one thing can be said:


Mylonas is no more than the brain of a gang of exploiters. Like all capitalists he too is a parasite: a weight on earth and an obstacle for winds.
So the Mylonas couple should stop pretending raped virgins .

“O gentlemen, the time of life is short! …
And if we live, we live to tread on kings”
W. Shakespeare

The first duty of the proletariat is the conscienceness of itself, of its position and its role. The conscience of being a prostitute in the hands of a capitalist, of producing wealth for the bosses and misery for itself.
The conscienceness on the other hand that produces the whole material life of society. That it is nothing but CAN BE EVERYTHING.
The second duty of the proletariat is the denial of its imposed role, the denial of work, the denial of alienation.
The third duty of the proletariat which arises naturally from the first duties, is the revolutionary action for it’s own suppression.
Only the subjects can ignite the objective conditions and cause the revolutionary explosion for the destruction of the authoritarian/class society.

From: ‘The art of war’, 6th issue of “Asymmetric threat” (under publication…)

Unfortunately in the wild west of capitalism the proletarians lullaby with trash eating over consumerism. Life has involved into a necrophilic survival between cages of cement, cars, billboards, surveillance cameras and cops. The route of survival is assigned: from one concentration camp to another. From school to university, from army to wage slavery. And there the proletarian crosses the same streets of alienation as the night walker: work, home, shopping mall, work. From production to consumption…
Behind the iron curtain of virtual prosperity and spectacular misery lies an unadmitted truth: the miracle of the west walks over corpses. Not only of those in the third world (either way this constant exploitation is the most gigantic crime of human history), but also of those in the third world on the west.
Behind a glance of being high on consumption hides the rot of a slaughtering civilization. But from inside this rot one possibility springs up. A possibility that not even the think tanks of the existent system, not even the bureaucratic certainties of Bolshevism, not even the paleolithic determinism of ideologies can repress: the social entropy, the revolution, the constant struggle for the destruction of the state, of private property and of waged work.
Comrades! Life is short. If we live, we live to step on the heads of bosses and their slaves.

For anarchy and communism!

P.S.1 As in the past also now, in my public speech I will not speak about issues of the penal code. Moreover “innocence” and “guiltiness” are fake distinctions that concern only the legal armory of the state.
The only thing that I want to say about the case, is that I was and I am in solidarity, as anarchist as well as a friend, to an illegal and haunted man, Vasilis Paleokostas. From there on, my speech will be a continuity of my pre-arrest placement and not a whine for “innocence”.

P.S.2 Economical and legal support is good. So are wishes for freedom, but the strongest form of solidarity is the continuation of revolutionary action.
Freedom to the comrades G. Dimitrakis, G. Voutsis-Vougiatsis and V. Botzatzis.
Freedom for the revolutionaries of the revolutionary organisation 17th of November.
Solidarity to the 6 wanted comrades.

-Revolution first and always-

Polikarpos Georgiadis,
Prisons of Ioannina,




2nd letter from Polys:

Public declaration of repentance. Before the venerable Minister of Justice

“Therefore repent; or else I am coming to thee quickly, and I will make war upon them with the sword of My mouth”
Apocalypse of John

“and where the market-place beginneth, there beginneth also the noise of the great actors and the buzzing of the poison-flies”
Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche

Your Illustrious Highness

Watching at the Holiest Temple of Television the magestic Hymns and psalmodies of the Spectacle (also known to the untutored mob as “commercials”), at long last as a new apostle of the 21rst century Saul, I was touched by the divine afflatus of the Market’s Holy spirit! A mirthful light encamped the threshold of my soul and dissolved the darkness of Evil (it is no coincidence Satan is a red devil. He is just a commie!)
Amen I tell thee, I gazed at the Truth ecstatically and cried out loud: It’s a miracle! and it’s a Progress! It’s two in one!

And the vision of the Spectacle was revealed upon me! Blessed be the one reading and listening to the Logos of the Holly Merchandise: The cows may herd joyously to provide us their milk. The pigs cheerful may become nutritious hamburgers. The chicken blessed and laughing take part in the sacrament of baptism, and their name be Mimikos* . Bankers and loanees embraces in ecstacy one another and walk as brothers towards the kingdom of Heavens and the Holly Casserole. Industrialists, ship-owners, corporation buisnessmen with their bodies meagre of their ascetic lives, compete in who will first save the nature, the animals, the forest, the environment. Sparkling water showers the children of Africa. Now they are thirsty only for knowledge! Thank you, O company!

I thrill of emotion in the face of this emulation spirit. I cry whan facing the winged menstrual pad working arduously for a happy womens period. It moves me to tears when I see my favorite soft drink offering me a harem for my sexual consumption. What a brave lawful (and consequently moral) world. I cry with tearful cries that I got wrong all these tireless men of burden (that’s because of burden O minister, don’t let my virtuous intentions be misunderstood…) to worry for the good of us and our fellow humans. So, profit and social responsibility come together as our decent and humble** primeminister said, and also all these simple-hearted activists of neo-liberalism as Daskalopoulos and Mylonas***.

Thus I, my precious Minister, from now on negate in detestation the Anarcho-communist-bankrobber-gangsterism and all its ramifications as holding back Progress. So, I deliver my tin-cans to the situs authorities and I pledge allegiance to our blessed Authority, our kind State and the priesthood of the Holly Merchandise and sacred Labor. I repent bitterly and whip myself with my favorite telemarketing product, in order to purify my poor carcass. And feel now ready to serve Capitalism and our lovely little God, as a simple and humble monk.

For this reason, I claim the exceptional honor to adress Your Excellency and pray eagerly, that it would be within your pleasure to transfer me to the holy monastery of Vatopedi****, to serve as a servant of God the rest of my time. And I shall pray night and day for You and the salvation of your soul:
“Honor and patience to all Authority, even the wrong Authority. This is what a quiet sleep requires…I will always believe the better shephard is the one leading his sheep to the greenest fields: This is what suits best a quiet sleep”

I beg Your Excellency and fiercely wish for health and longevity in the glorious Right of the Lord. May Jahve, Agoraeus Hermes, and Panagia Deksia*****, illume you and your voters. Your slave and servant, now and forever till the end of time.

Polykarpos Georgiadis
Ioannina Prisons
September 2008

* * *

Translator’s notes:

* Mimikos is a greek poultry and frozen food company
** The primeminister K. Karamanlis often describes his government in these words
*** G. Mylonas is the president of Alumil industries and Northern Greece’s Industrialists ex-president. His industry seems to be proud to be funding a NGO promoting a green-capitalist culture, such as Al Gore’s work. G. Mylonas was kidnapped with a large ransom during the summer, and the police seized our comrade Polys Georgiadis, Vassilis Paleokostas (a convicted bank-robber, long term prisoner in struggle, prison escapee, fugitive, etc), Vaggelis Hrisohoidis, also a radical from Thessaloniki, and Giorgos Haralambidis, a long term prisoner for bank robberies, accused for taking part in the kidnap.
**** Latest TV reports repeat what most people in Greece know, that Vatopedi as most monasteries is an intermediate for real estate business, claiming public land or small properties to sell it later to real estate or constructions companies…
***** Hermes is the ancient Greek God of Commerce, Agoraeus was a common epithet meaning the protector of the marketplace. Panagia Deksia is a well known church to “Holy Mary the Right” in Thessaloniki.

Hundreds of thousands of communist insurgents after the Greek Civil War were threatened to sing declarations of repentance, so some things mentioned (as the tin-can, wich the right-wing accused the insurgents they killed many of their enemies with such) refer to these incidents.



Many solidarity activity has been done, including attacks against a police station in Thessaloniki and an Alumil (Mylonas corporation) office, and also lots of spray paintings and posters appeared questioning the issue of what the “real kidnap” is, and what is at last the major crime in this society, though we select to remind here an action from London, UK:


The following claim appeared on Athens IMC:

Last week we engaged in a range of joyful vandalism against bank ATMs, a jobcentre and two luxurious cars around SW London, UK. We dedicate them and hope they were enough to bring a smile to our proletarian brother Polys Georgiades in front of his jury in Thessaloniki, Greece, on April the 3rd, for attempted arson against a private security vehicle, few years earlier. The sad news of his recent arrest, for allegedly participating in kidnapping the president of Northern Greece’s industrialists, in the same time excited us with the remembrance of an offensive tactic of our class, almost forgotten after its last emergence during the European proletarian uprising of the 70es: The kidnapping of bosses, once again employed by workers in two different cases in France this last week, seems to be a mighty weapon of the working class in its struggle against poverty and exploitation. This applies of course as part of the workplace struggle, in our class’s disadvantageous bargain of its working force: “This action is our only currency” said after all the daring French workers of Pithiviers…

Do you remember Nietzsche? “It’s better not to pay at all, if not with a currency that bears our face”. We couldn’t agree more. Kidnapping can also be a tactic of certain delinquent elements of our class to avoid work or to hold a personal war against the ruling class. Their actions, even if they are not directly connected with the working class movement, contribute to the class’s collective power by attacking its enemies [no proletarian could ever be afraid of being kidnapped of course, since the only realistic kidnapping he suffers is his everyday worktime for the bosses’ wealth] where and when they are not prepared for, breaking down their normaly conducted assault. We have also seen in past insurrectionary situations these delinquent elements to provide the most valuable comrades of the proletarian movement against capitalism. We care to see again our class embrace these “lost children” it is taught to slander and hate.

Eventually, “…to unite this world into a single invincible and all-destroying force, it is the purpose of our organization, our conspiracy and our task.”

For proletarian power!
For Communism!

Sovjet of the Streets


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Letter from Polykarpos Georgiadis to the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire

Letter from Polykarpos Georgiadis to the Conspiracy  of the Cells of Fire

  translation by Actforfreedomnow!O most Serene Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire,Navel of the earth and centre of the universe, I kneel before thee and I ask from you to bow from the throne of your Sacred, Immaculate and Overgrown Ego to hearken your humble servant.O guardian and unique initiate of the revolution, restless enemy of the ox-eyed petit-bourgeois plebeians (since we, the ultra-revolutionaries, have the eye of the lynx, full of grace, scherzo and nechayevian sauciness).O indefatigable dark knight of the court of the negative, listen to your humble servant.

I request that you will not mention again my name in the delirious texts that you call political proclamations.

I wish you a long-life of revolutionary militarist illegalist amoralist anarcho-individualist nihilist terrorism and of other sonorous –isms (and cerebral seisms)

Your humble servant for now and forever and ever and ever,




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