Chile: Incendiary attack on car dealership in Chillán


from culmine, translated by war on society:

In the early hours of Monday January 30th, full of rage and rebellion against authority, against the oppressive classes manifested in the State and business, we turned toward the Maritano Ebensperger auto dealership located on Av. O’Higgins (Chillán), understanding these wreteched businesses as symbols of social inequality and of global environmental destruction, and there, with the memory of fallen comrades in our memory, with the fire of freedom and anarchy, we attacked what they most hate to lose: their commodities.

May each molotov cocktail thrown be only a threat of what this social war will bring to each structure that carries out the will of authority, or in other words, of exploitation and oppression. May each leaflet thrown after we were filled with the joy of seeing part of that disgusting business burning, be the message that each of the powerful and the guardians in their service will have to fear in every moment.

Without encouraging the idolatry of anyone, nor much less deification, we want this action to join the long list of vindictive remembrances of the comrade Mauricio Morales, the brother punky Mauri, who simply calls the attention of those who have not yet chosen the way of insurgency and of the streets. Go out, the war is in the street, mask up, burn them and spread revolt!!!

Immediate freedom to all the hostages in the prisons… an embrace across the distance full of savagery, solidarity and insubordination to the brother Tortuga, you are present in every action!!

And to the pigs and rats who should now be reading this, we say to you with irony and mockery: search… search… because we are everywhere and at the same time nowhere; we are your black nightmare and the fire will soon arrive at you!!



Informal Anarchist Federation / Efraín Plaza Olmedo Incendiary Cell

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