Chile: Comrades Gonzalo Zapata and Cristóbal Franke are in the street again!


from grupodeapoyoamono, translated by war on society:


With joy to write this information again, our friends and comrades are once again where they belong and that is outside of the cages. They are here again after they were kidnapped over 4 months ago.

Yesterday, January 31, a hearing was surprisingly held for the change of preventive detention. This hearing (required by the prosecution) in the first instance was scheduled for February 9, but the comrades’ lawyers pushed up the date and the hearing was rescheduled from one day to a different one.

Around 12:45, in a courtroom invaded by family members and comrades, the comrades entered with their permanent energy and anxious to see some people who they have not seen or embraced for months.

[we skip here the summary of the arguments of the lawyers – transl.]

At all times the comrades were waving and greeting their loves ones, as well as mocking the representatives of the prosecution and complainants.

After the arguments by the prosecution and defense, the judge decided that both compas were released and remained subject to monthly signing (during the first week of the month) and banned from leaving the country, while awaiting trial. Without prejudice, so that the measures can be changed at another hearing.

The investigation continues and still a date has not been set for the beginning of the trial preparation. In spite of this the prosecution wants to make an abbreviated trial, seeking to salvage something from this case.

For an eventual sentence for “minor injuries” the comrades risk a low penalty, which could be completed, or even over-served, after the months of prison they’ve spent.

Power intends by all means to prolong every day of preventive detention. We remember that these arrests were made after several days of journalist intervention on the part of the mouthpieces of Power in which they put out photos taken by Agency One, accompanied with a clear condemnatory message, where only the capture of the authors of the beating of the cop could calm the euphoria of the citizenry’s vengeance. In each notice they endorsed the monopoly on violence held by the forces of order and spoke of the defenseless worker of the police force who was almost lynched by a group of savages, where it was said that the cop had lost an eye and that the compas had also stabbed the horses, both infamies that only sought to justify that repressive move ahead.

This in a context of revolt where hooded youth exceeded every demonstration, sabotaging property both private and state alike and confronting the riot police, where many times the thugs were overwhelmed by rocks, sticks and fire.

With the first capture of Mono and then Rusio [the nicknames of Cristóbal and Gonzalo respectively – transl], Power wanted to extend its message of omnipresence where no one mocks its institutions of security and goes unpunished, warning everyone who even thinks of participating in revolts that for each of them there is a cage waiting to be filled. Despite all this the comrades did not submit to this ridiculous theater and did not lower their heads, coming to vindicate in lively voices the struggle in the streets, including having active participation in the struggle from prison, collectively grouping with the comrades Francisco Moreno and Zerman Elias as well as supporting and strengthening ties with other prisoners in struggle.

At around 2:30 pm on January 31, both comrades left through the door of the prison where they were received by family and comrades in a joyful atmosphere, but without forgetting that there are still many comrades who still keep struggling from the other side of the walls.

Along with communicating what happened yesterday, we want to recall the appeal to solidarity this February 7 for the trial that will be held against Zerman. The hearing is set for 2:00 pm in the Justice Center of Santiago in the central prosecution building. The invitation is open to accompany the comrade, because in struggle no one is alone.

Only struggle will free us!
Solidarity with all the prisoners of the Social War!
Down with the cages!

Comrades and friends of Gonzalo and Mono

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