Greece, Athens: Radio98fm – counter-information event and discussion



Mainstream Information – Counter-information
Corporate and Alternative media
Self-organised collective media

The necessity of counter-information in social struggles
Self-organised radios today: Contribution and Perspectives

A party of finacial aid will follow for the creation of a new antenna system

February the 3rd, 18.00, Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE, Patision 76)

Text that accompagnies the poster

Counter-information in its political sense not only provides an anti-authoritarian administration of the information. It [actually] presupposes self-organization as an administrative structure for the actualization of the medium. It is utilized and evolving as long it is affiliated and related to the parts of society that pursue to collectivize anti-hierarchically their lives  against cannibalistic individualism and class exploitation. With the social/class war raging, counter-information media represent an advanced method of attack against media deception.

An attempt to weight up the power of counter-information in these turbulent but also expedient times that we experience.

To exchange ideas, proposals and critical comments among all the people more (or less) involved in the case of information from below, either by propagating news, reporting protesters live calls, or taking the microphones in our hands…

There will be participation from counter-information networks and self-organised radio-stations from all around Greece.

On Friday, 3rd of February, at 18.00, in Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE)

will take place an event on Counter-information.
A party of financial aid will follow for the construction of a new antenna system for the upgrading of the radio station in the hertzian waves of metropolis!

the brocure of the event and discussion in greek


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