Belgium: Communique for arson of cars of two euro-parliamentarians, a NATO official and a diplomat


Posted on February 6, 2012 translated by war on society:

from suieetcendres:

On (news site):Four cars have been put on fire in the night of Sunday to Monday in the European Area of Brussels. The fires are criminal but eventual suspects remain unidentified. The cars have been put on fire around 3am in the rue Ortélius.

Post-mortem Communiqué of the FRVI

We, four members of the Front Révolutionnaire des Voitures Insoumises (Revolutionary Front of Objecting Cars), revindicate our decision, taken in the night of 29th of January, to go on strike. A wild, unlimited and unrevocable strike. We desert on this definitive and fulminating way our respective owners, that is to say, two members of European Parliament, an offical of the NATO and a diplomat. To transport these bosses to their work, to be recognized in the streets as servants of these bags of shit… it was too much.



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