Update on social fighter Hidayat – “Red cells” maximum isolation units (Indonesia)


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News via Kokemi: Update – Comrade Hidayat is back inside the prison…

This news story is one of the horrors of life in prison, concerning being held in prisons that are contained therein inside the prison. Our comrade Hidayat being undertaken at this time, he was isolated in a room captured, called “Red cells”, the prison mini small-sized 2m x 1m, dark and dirty mental intimidation and terror of the state apparatus.

From the reports, comrade Hidayat was held captive for five days in jail also smaller than this size. Besides he reports he often gets intimidation and beatings, Comrade Hidayat also never received the package of food and beverages that he was sent. And our hearts are very painful, access to meet with him is limited. None was allowed to meet. According to information passed along, comrade Hidayat always is targeted by some extortion scenarios which are done by the prison apparatus and the prisoners who are also a finger in the hands of prison officials.

According to information received:
“Hidayat is always being squeezed by officers and sycophant prisoners, goods and books frequently stolen, he is also excluded in from the prison community block, and worst, Hidayat has always been a target because he often resists the extortion under the guise of mandatory rules in prison, and probably because Hidayat also was no longer able to temper or hold his anger, so he fired back with a beating for other detainees whom he considered in league with the authorities! “

With this, since anger has erupted and the comrades of Hidayat came into an open attack with the guards and the officers accomplice in prison, since then also Hidayat’s comrades have immediately been isolated in a room which is labeled at the prison as “Red cells”, the prison inside the prison, for detainees who proved themselves against personnel rules and practices that fostered the prison to the senior inmates.

And of several short messages we received, that in the coming days the prosecutor who proceeds against comrade Hidayat will meet the police, requesting clarification of charges imposed on comrade Hidayat when defending the Residents struggle against Bima Corporation some time ago in Makassar.

We once again call for solidarity with the smoldering anger.

There would be none of our comrades who will be left alone against tyranny

Because anger must always be invited, even amid the fire that is raging.

Tyranny must be destroyed, like a prison to explode with anger.

In solidarity.

Editors Kokemi

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