SPAIN -Arson at Arsenal social club in Barcelona


From Culmine (February 3, 2012) via Indymedia Barcelona (January 30, 2012):

Last Tuesday, January 24, we carried out an attack on the elitist Arsenal social club located in the wealthy Bonanova neighborhood. By torching the electrical system control panel, we sabotaged the normal functioning of the center and damaged it economically.

This attack forms part of our offensive against the neoliberal policies that are still further worsening the living conditions of the popular classes. At the bourgeoisie’s social centers, like the Arsenal club, the country’s political and economic leaders delight in their luxuries, make contacts, and close the deals that keep trampling on our most basic human needs.

As long as misery and anguish abound in the modest neighborhoods, there cannot be peace in the rich neighborhoods. We therefore call on the mobilizations, assemblies, and social struggle campaigns to supplement themselves with direct attacks in the bourgeois areas. If they are too far away to hear the protest cry of the working class, then we will bring it to their own homes, up to their very windows, until they have to explain to their children what they are doing to the people.

—Barcelona, January 2012

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