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Sabotage against over 30 ticket machines

Hamburg, the 10th of January 2012

we received the following claim:

„never again a raise of the ticket’s cost, every again paying for a ticket! Everything for everybody and for free! In the night of the 10th of January over 30 ticket machines have been sabotaged in all Hamburg.
No matter if with fire, color…or glue, there is no limit given to sabotage within this capitalist reality.
One does not have to be an expert in order to destroy what exploits us: therefore just start!

A lot of strenght to all those who take action against control, chicaneries and exploitation!
For a life without dominion!“

Cars from Dräger and DEGEWO torched

Berlin, the 11th of January 2012

„Two cars have been burned down in Friedrichshain, they were property of companies which deal with security and surveillance issues

One belonged to the company Dräger, which is since many years one of the sponsor of the international police congress, which takes place on the 15th of February in Berlin.
Another group named „autonomous conflict team“ did clarified us two years ago about the activities of the company Dräger, here the claim:

The second car belonged to the company DEGEWO, a housing society, which, among others, administrates the housing blocks in Kreuzberg’s Naunyn – and Waldemarstr.
These blocks, with their wide and open up yards, have been until not that long ago a refuge for families on the dole and also for youth gangs, who produced continuously troubles not only at the 1st of May.

Since 2004 the DEGEWO, in cooperation with the district-management and the police station Number 53, undertook a program towards re-establishing the peace inside the blocks and the cooperation among the different inhabitants.
This mean concretely that on the 1st of May these yards are not any longer a no-go area for the cops and a place where stone-throwers can hide, but they are occupied by entire riot units. The cops get the keys for the yard directly from DEGEWO.
Moreover, private securities from the DEGEWO patrol everyday in order to kick out any possible not-wanted persons who chill about and clean away posters and graffitis.
Dräger and the DEGEWO are therefore targets to be fight against, since they are taking part in the State repressive apparatus.

Smash the police congress in BCC in Berlin!“


Twelve new police cars arsoned

Magdeburg, the 23rd of January 2012

Twelve police cars have been arsoned just one day before the planned delivery of 46 new police vehicles.
The police believes this to have been a planned arson.
Right now one thinks that the damage should amount to over 500.000€, all the politicians condemned the facts and denounced how the use of violence against the police would constantly grow.

Source: mitteldeutsche zeitung

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