Incendiary/explosive attack on police car in Buenos Aires


by This Is Our Job

From Viva la Anarquía! (February 11, 2012):

Internationalism is an act of our subversive hearts.

Continuing within our own context of struggle and “experiences,” we unite with our comrades from the FIRE CELLS CONSPIRACY REVOLUTIONARY ORGANIZATION. Their words are so very close to us, like their actions.

We don’t need great reasons to set fire to opulence, social control, repression, and the treasures of the powerful.

We don’t need great reasons to blow up their valuable items and murderous institutions.

In the early morning of Sunday, February 5, we planted an incendiary/explosive device (consisting of two camping gas canisters and four bottles of naphtha) on one of the new PFA* patrol cars equipped with surveillance cameras. Nearly half the vehicle was burnt up, and all its windows were blown out.

Long live the brothers and sisters of the Fire Cells Conspiracy Organization!

We’re getting closer.


*Argentine Federal Police

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