ATTACK ON PAWNSHOP ATHENS In the early hours of Thursday 9/2/12



In the early hours of Thursday 9/2/12, there was an attack on a pawnshop
on Gizi road. The entrance was smashed, the equipment was completely
destroyed and paint was thrown.

The barbaric attack of the economic and political bosses takes
totalitarian dimensions and leads large parts of society to poverty and
shabbiness. Black-Marketers and loan sharks found the opportunity to get
even richer, by exploiting our need and our economic insufficiency. They
trade even gold teeth for a bit of cash, following the tradition of the
ancestors, who during the nazi occupation of Greece they accumulated
entire fortunes at the expense of a nation which was hungry.

They rush to gather whatever is left from the relentless squeezing imposed
on us by the major loan-sharks of the IMF, the EU and the Greek state.
These scum, have already chosen a side. It’s the side which is led by the
bankers, industrialists, ship owners, the church and the rest of the
vultures who infect the social and public wealth. It’s the side of our
class enemies. And as such they will be dealt with……

Against anyone who steals our lives

Class Counter-attack


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