Italy – News about comrades notav still in prison


Before they get erased by Fassino [the mayor of Turin] or someone on his behalf, we’d like to keep some of the best graffiti that appeared along the trajectory of the NO TAV demo of Saturday 28th January in Turin, just to have a laugh. This demo went through a town centre inhabited by rich people and full of shops for rich people, whose walls – by contrast – have been always covered with graffiti of all kinds, against the TAV and not only.


These are the latest news about our comrades. Many were released and now are under
house arrest  and other restrictive measures. The judges have decided the
continuation of detention for the following comrades (we add their addresses) :

Alessio Del Sordo – C.C. via Pianezza 300 – 10151 Torino

Matteo “Mambo” Grieco – C.R. San Michele – Strada Statale 31 – 15100 Alessandria

Maurizio Ferrari – Carcere San Vittore – Piazza Filangeri 2 – 20123 Milano

Marcelo Damian Jara Marin – Carcere San Vittore – Piazza Filangeri 2 – 20123 Milano

Gabriele Filippi – Carcere di Marassi – Piazzale Marassi 2 – 16139 Genova

Giorgio Rossetto – C.R. – loc. Cascina Felicina via Regioni Bronda 19/b – 12037
Saluzzo (CN)

Luca Cientanni – C.C. corso Vercelli 165 – 10015 Ivrea (To)

Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez  – C.C. – Via Beccaria, 13 – Loc. Spini di Gardolo –
38014 Gardolo – TN

Antonio Ginetti – Casa Circondariale – Via dei Macelli 13 – 51100 Pistoia – Riesame
il 16-2-2012

No TAV – Solidarity poster from Trento and Rovereto-NO TAV – REBEL OR FUCK OFF


Italy-Bologna- Outlaw’trial due to start on 29/2/12

transl. ParoleArmate

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