72 hours later…
we feel proud they call us destroyers
yes, we destroyed the symbols of capitalism
we feel proud they call us vandals
yes, we vandalized their rotten system
we feel proud they call us propagators
yes, we propagate the revolution and nothing else

The people decided to stand against all those who decide our luck; they
started to realize the games played behind their backs.

We are all ready and united to fight nail and tooth because they dared to
believe that we are the easy victim. No, they are going to become the
victim and all their entourage of settled ones. And together with them,
those who pretend they don’t see the truth, and those who protect the lie,
the traitor journalists in the first case and the nationalist cops and
undercovers who come into our houses under the pretence that they are
protecting ‘their’ democracy.

Let’s clarify two things however.

Revolt is not to smash a clothes shop where a student from the province
works and won’t have a job now.

Revolt is not stealing drinks from the kiosks,
revolt is not being in the alleyways clashing with the cops and at the
same time letting them guard Parliament where your conviction is being

So therefore, the better we organize ourselves, the more the big moment
comes closer, the more the knot around their head gets tighter…

They did not take us into consideration…


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