Berlin: Benefit event for Greece, including various screenings, in Rigaer94 squat


We invite you to a cinematic summary of the latest events in Greece. Several general strikes and demonstrations in Greece will be screened, from October 2011, November 17th and December 6th to the events of February 12th, 2012. Anarcho-hip hop will be featured from the spot. Also, the Greek favorite fast food pita gyros (vegan, of course) will be offered. We hold all this not solely for fun, but in order to support the struggling people in Athens with collected money. In addition, we’ll be happy to receive donations of old anti-gas masks. Join us in big numbers!

Solidarity is a weapon.

‘The protesters have not done enough. They should have done more. One million people should have demonstrated. All of these idiots, just like me, did not take to the streets. Everything should have been destroyed; also, every stone of the parliament. Because the politicians are swindlers. Name one of them who is not an impostor.’ —an elderly man at Syntagma square on 13-2/2012

When: 27-2/2012 | Location: Kadterschmiede [R94] | Time: 21.00
rigaer 94

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