Demonstrators arrested on Sunday 12/02/12 in Athens were just imprisoned without a trial today 16 february


Imprisonment of the comrades who were arrested on Sunday 12/2

We found out that the four comrades arrested during the protests on Sunday
were imprisoned. Words are not enough, this is enraging. Besides the
fabricated charges, they have the nerve to imprisonment them, put their
photos on tv, where you can see they have been beaten.
Nothing will remain unanswered, the rage burns inside us!

Freedom to our comrades!

Demonstrators arrested in Athens were just imprisoned, until their trial that it may take months until it starts. Obviously it is only riot cops who claim that they saw the arrestees breaking the law, so in a very unusual movement for their standards -and actually breaking the law, given that no trial convicted them yet- the police publish in its webpage and in their friendly TV channels the photos of the arrestees, asking for people to give any relevant information about the demonstrators.

Immediate release of all arrestees and acquittal of all prosecuted after the nationwide protests! No tolerance to killers in uniform and state mercenaries!

Wildfire and arson for all targets related to Greece (embassies, consulates, etc.) and for all mausoleums of the Capital. Act now!


Solidarity is our weapon.

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