Chile – Aliste, Fuentevilla, and Villarroel to begin liquid hunger strike [UPDATED]


From Hommodolars Contrainformación (February 17, 2012) and Viva la Anarquía! (February 18, 2012):


UPDATE: We’ve received news that our comrades have been placed in the Maximum-Security Wing as a punitive measure. While they use the nonviolent method of a liquid hunger strike, the wretched prison authorities respond with typical violence.

We communicate to the global solidarity community that the investigation of the comrades implicated by the bourgeois Chilean state in the Security Case was closed on February 10 in Santiago. The prosecutor’s office now has a fixed 10-day window in which to present its charges in the case, along with the entirety of its evidence. Juan Aliste, Freddy Fuentevilla, and Marcelo Villarroel—imprisoned at High-Security Prison in Santiago—want this information be publicized in order to prepare and activate the solidarity networks that must be strengthened during this new phase in advance of the oral trial, which will now be the stage of their struggle for freedom.


To all the world’s peoples and Communities in struggle.

To the groups, cells, individuals, and organizations.

To the support networks and close comrades.

To our families and friends.

From High-Security Prison in Santiago, we Communicate:

1. Today, Friday, February 17, at 12 a.m., subversive social war prisoners Freddy Fuentevilla Saa, Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, and Juan Aliste Vega have decided to begin a protest consisting of a liquid hunger strike in the context of the Call for direct International solidarity with us, to take place from February 19–29.

2. This decision is based on the need/desire/intention to continue contributing our grain of sand to the intense daily battle of antiprison struggle, which signifies a concrete expression of combat against the entire State-Prison-Capital structure.

3. In this instance, our protest contemplates no demand of the intraprison appeal type. More accurately, it is a gesture—an act of attacking anticapitalist Resistance uniting us with each and every Subversive Autonomous Anarchist Revolutionary prisoner who, from different places and different death/isolation camps, keeps alive the revolt in pursuit of Social Revolution and the disappearance of class society.

4. We have never been spectators of our lives. We have taken control of our lives, and this has resulted in us receiving permanent repression and hate from the powerful, but also love and respect from those who relentlessly seek total liberation and the destruction of everything that oppresses us.

Likewise, our action is a war cry and a salute of unity with all the clandestine Combatants and warriors, in memory of our physically dead brothers, sisters, and comrades.

In salute to Karina “La Galle” Germano. Strength, Newen, and fraternal love to brother Tortuga: feel us always beside you and you will never be alone, beloved compa. To you forever, Marco Camenisch, always present in our daily struggles. To Silvia, Costa, and Billy. To Mumia Abu-Jamal—a living example of determined resistance for decades. To Mauricio Hernández and Rafael Canales in Brazil. To the unyielding Claudio Lavazza. To Jaime Gil Arbe in Portugal. To All Mapuche Prisoners. To each and every one of the imprisoned compas from the Fire Cells Conspiracy and EPANASTIKOS AGONAS in Greece—fertile Terrain, inundated with antiauthoritarian Rebellion, a guiding light of struggle to every insurrectionary on the planet. To Gabriel in Germany. To Everyone! Know that in this part of the world you will always have a roof, a warm coat, complicity, and everything you need to follow the path of declared war that frees us through the total disappearance of the old commodity society, the dictatorship of capital, and the ancient empire of devastation.

5. Nor are we now demanding anything on a legal level. Let the temporary Battlefield established in that sphere continue to advance. Today, as always, we are ready to confront the berserker onslaught of the State, which uses all its servant-slaves in an effort to annihilate what we are and what we unavoidably represent: the History of Resistance and the Memory of Subversion.

6. Finally, we make a Call for the articulation, based on free initiative, of Coordinated antagonistic situations to spread, agitate, and spark off on the quest to break the cold silence of social peace in the midst of a vacationless summer in the country of prisoners.

For the destruction of Prison society!

Only struggle makes us free!

Open your eyes, it’s time to fight!

While there is misery there will be rebellion!

We invite everyone to leave us water outside High-Security Prison on Friday, February 17 at 10 a.m.

We also invite everyone to a press conference that will be held by our families at the home of the parents of the Vergara Toledo brothers in Villa Francia, Estación Central on Friday, February 17 at 11 a.m.

—Marcelo Villarroel, Anarchist Prisoner; Juan Aliste, Subversive Prisoner; Freddy Fuentevilla, MIR Prisoner; February 17, 2012; High-Security Prison; Santiago, Chile

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