Chile: Prosecution presents indictment against Tortuga and requests 15 years of prison


from liberaciontotal, translated by war on society:


Yesterday, Monday February 20th, exactly at the deadline for presenting the indictment on which they intend to bring the comrade to trial, the South Prosecution presented the indictment against Luciano before the Seventh Warranty Judge of Santiago.

The Public Ministry (Prosecution) asked the Tribunal for 15 years of prison for two offenses. One charge of 12 years of prison, under the Anti-terrorist Law, in relation to the placement of the explosive device outside the Santander Bank branch. The other charge of 3 years of prison for the use of a stolen license plate put on the motorcycle on which Luciano arrived at the bank with his companion, a vehicle that was later found in another area of downtown Santiago.

The oral trial will begin in April. The South Prosecution announced that they will present 36 witnesses, 15 experts and a series of material evidence including videos, photographs, and which will also vengefully and morbidly include remains of the amputated extremities after the accidental explosion.

Luciano’s lawyer Carlos Mora indicated that the indictment was as expected, but he stressed that the crimes are not of a terrorist nature, alluding that the defense intends to dismiss the anti-terrorist law. This law allows certain tricks like faceless witnesses, secrecy of certain parts of the investigations which the defense cannot access, unanimity in the Court of Appeals for any petition, among other things. Furthermore it doubles the sentences.

Something more than simply what the enemy wants to portray

Now, after everything that the press alludes to, we cannot simply copy and reproduce what refers to what the Prosecution asked or said, even more so when it has to do with our little compa Tortuga. Since that 1st of June of 2011, we have tried to be cautious (which does not mean silent) with all the information that pertains to our comrade, especially when this does not come from his closest circle. Neither photos nor videos of any kind, much less supposed statements from the comrade that never existed, because things cannot be taken so lightly and one can’t put out information just to publish something, certainly for some time the uncertainty of not knowing anything from Tortuga was desperate, but this does not mean that space must be given to the enemy’s media. The press is the faithful mouthpiece of the police and the prosecution (in some cases the instigator), another instrument for alienation and repression, full of a language that is not our own. Therefore every time that something is taken from the filthy press, it is not a copy and paste.

It has already been said on various occasions, Domination with this trial against the comrade does nothing more than fulfill its promise that was spoken after every attack with anarchist-style incendiary or explosive devices against all the enemy’s means, when they only directed their remarks to the wind. They seek to take revenge like they have done with the compa Mauri and his circle, but now with the difference that they bring charges against Tortuga.

Without a doubt, the gestures in solidarity with Tortuga have transcended many languages and borders; these not only encourage and give strength to the comrade, they also infect other warriors to learn direct action (understanding this from graffiti to arson), giving impulse to the war against domination in the whole world, hand-in-handwith the new impulse given to the Informal Anarchist Federation made by the imprisoned comrades of the first phase of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire with the project of the International Revolutionary Front (IRF).

This is why solidarity is necessary, the attacks in defense of Tortuga are also right now a clear sign that he is not alone, and we say “in defense of Tortuga” because he is in a situation of captivity, in a disadvantaged condition because of his state of health, we say also that he is not alone because it is the comrade’s praxis–his desires raised through the acts of a free and wild life–which the enemy wants to punish, and we are many individuals formed from these ingredients who do not give a step backward, because the defense of the comrade Tortuga is also the defense of each one of us who take position in this war, as eternal enemies of Domination.

With nothing more for this occasion than to reiterate our unconditional support for Tortuga, we want to retrieve a small excerpt of his communique “Letter to the Indomitable hearts” where he references the solidarity that touched him, living it now from the other side, because before it was he who acted in solidarity with the imprisoned comrades. Nothing is over, everything continues.

On other other hand, I want you to know that I appreciate all and every one of the solidarity actions that you have done with me, the banners hung in different parts of the world or those messages that carry the same solidarios reach my ears in one way or another, each leaflet, each counter-information bulletin, each space of your lives that you dedicated to me I keep as a treasure, know that I have been aware of everything, that in this world there are not words for my feelings of gratitude, because each bombing, each arson organized in my name is in my mind, […] the forms in which you have been in solidarity with me are many and as diverse as the same struggle, from illegal actions to activities to telephone calls, internet messages, and libertarian songs; finally I want you to know, each and every one of you solidarious rebels that this loco for freedom will Never, never forget you, you were known to be as great as skyscrapers and to strike where it hurts, and above all, you made the stars shine with your courage, and that is something worth imitating.




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