Chile: Long sentences requested against Juan and Freddy


from vivalaanarquia, translated by war on society:

The prosecution closed the investigation and formalized the sentencing request against the three comrades involved in the so-called “security case;” they solicited life sentence (40 years) against Freddy and Juan for the death of Moyano and 20 years more for Juan for participating in 3 other bank assaults, for Freddy they added 15 years more for participating in two robberies with intimidation, in Marcelo’s case they asked for just 18 years for three robberies and he remains without links to the case of the death by shooting of the thug Moyano.

In the case of Juan and Freddy they added the sentences, Juan to 60 years and 55 for Freddy; we remember that the charges against the compas are: Freddy for being the driver of the car from which Juan shot and freed Moyano from his filthy and responsible job (protecting the money of the earth’s owners).



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