Meeting of Reclaim the Fields in Italy


from culmine  Translated by B.pd for act for freedom now!

Meeting of Reclaim the Fields in Italy

At Mezcal Squat, Collegno-Turin.

24th-25th February 2012 (meeting of Reclaim the Seeds)

29th/4th March 2012 (meeting of Reclaim the Fields)

Bulletin of reclaim the Fields attached.

At the end of the last Reclaim the Fields camping in Romania the meeting decided to organize the next gathering in Italy.

The initiative will be held at the Mezcal Squat. The structure is part of the ex psychiatric hospital of Collegno and is situated in the Certosa Reale park at the gates of Turin. The building was squatted in 2006 by a group of people of anarchist ideas who had developed their practices in various occupations in Turin.

Their goal is to create free spaces for all kinds of creative, entertainment and political activities, thus revolutionizing their daily life through the practice of self-management and self-construction. So the group transformed the ex psychiatric hospital, and built free creative spaces from the nothingness.

In our creative activities we try to experiment with the elimination of money through sharing. One of these initiatives is the ‘Bellavita’ dinner held on Wednesdays, where each participant brings some food to make the evening.

The meeting will be organized along with Nautilus, a collective that has been moving around the scene of squatting and self-production (mainly no copyright books but not only) for 30 years by supporting and creating self-management outside and against the State and the economy.

We are trying to create a comfortable situation for the comrades who will come from afar, by guaranteeing beds and food; at the same time we invite the participants to contribute as best as they can. For the best organization it is important that we know how many people are coming over, for how long they will stay (for example if they are coming for the Reclaim the Seeds initiative or the following week), and if they have special needs or desires.

We intend to get in touch with different individuals and situations among those we know, inviting them to the Exchange of Seeds that is being organized every year at Mezcal (this year it will be in the last weekend of February) and to other initiatives we will organize. It will be an occasion to exchange experiences and ideas, in order to join the paths of those who have chosen to abandon the cities in order to produce in a context of self-sustainment with the urban horticulturists, who have been tending some collective kitten gardens here in Turin in the last years; with all those who want to prevent state-owned lands from being sold and those who think that all this is possible through the revolution of daily life.

To get in touch with us:; Mezcal Squat, Corso Pastregno, Parco della Certosa, 10093 Collegno (Torino), Italy.

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