Italy-Ostia – Casapound fascists on the attack



We learn form Radio Onda Rossa that the fascist attack was interrupted by the arrival of the police.

Before being taken to hospital, those who were assaulted by the fascists were taken to the police station for questioning. It seems the authority wanted to charge them with causing seriously body harm.

We hope that the ‘saints’ of Casapound will cry like the Madonna of Medjugotje

24th February. It happened shortly after midnight in Piazza della Stazione Vecchia in Ostia [near Rome], outside the premises of the council town hall. A group of militants of Casapound armed with helmets and batons laid an ambush and eventually attacked some cultural operators of the Teatro del Lido, while the latter were fly-posting posters concerning the demo of 25th February. Three people of the Teatro del Lido ended up in hospital with serious head injuries and fractured arms as they tried to defend themselves by blows inflicted with iron bars.


Translated by B.pd for act for freedom now!




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